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Goderich Court “Docket” Released For First Time – #TakeBackCanada #PedophileHunt

Over 80 home invaders, attempted murderers, repeat offenders, drunk drivers, meth heads, thieves, and maybe a even a few pedophiles, are expected to be in Goderich court 25Mar2024. Watch live via Zoom starting at 9am local time. If you find someone charged with child porn, luring children, or other hideous crime, please do your part and email [email protected] with details.

For the first time a court “docket” is being released. All members of the Public are allowed, and encouraged to watch court via Zoom. You are allowed to video record for your notes and/or possible posting online depending on what jurisdiction you are in, or if you have “permission” to record the public meeting.

Below is a list of people that are supposed to attend Goderich Court on 25Mar2024. This is not an official government “court docket”, and is compiled from various sources. The press releases following their name has a matching name listed in the press release, and may or may not be the same person that is to attend court.

Goderich Court Connection Info: Click Here for full details.
NOTE: Video links work for most other days. Use above link if below doesn’t work for you. For a the official docket, click here.
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