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Homelessness Is A Crime – Fake News or Fake Authority, You Decide

At a recent North Huron council meeting OPP member Jason Younan stated it was an offense to be homeless in Wingham. 

 “It’s probably not a trend that may be um, you know, alarming to you with the proliferation of mental health occurrences homelessness those types of offenses.” Click to view on YouTube.

WFP 100% disagrees and believes that it is not a crime to be homeless in Canada

Those that have lost their job, lost their homes and lost everything they worked their entire lives for, do not need to be vilified as criminals by the OPP. What the homeless could use is the same treatment we give new immigrants and refugees, motel/hotel rooms and big monthly cheques from the “government”. Unfortunately they were born in Canada and are of the lowest priority to our “government” since they don’t make good photo-opps or are in the headlines enough for them to pretend to care.

Both WFP and the OPP can’t be correct, one of us has to be lying to you. 

Is it fake news, or fake authority? Is it a crime/offense to be homeless?

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