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Homelessness an Offense in “North Huron”

At the 08Aug2023 OPP member Jason Younan stated that being homeless on the Corporation of North Huron’s property is a crime/offense. North Huron is a corporation set up to provide essential services to Blyth, East-Wawanosh & Wingham and as such owns the roads, parks, and sidewalks and creates by-laws to protect them from abuse.

The OPP are hired by the Corporation of North Huron, and work directly for them. This is confirmed in every OPP press release where they use “North Huron” instead of the actual city/town name for the place of occurrence. No one lives in North Huron, it’s a corporation, if they did try to live in North Huron it would apparently be a crime.

Jason Younan stated “It’s probably not a trend that may be um, you know, alarming to you with the proliferation of mental health occurrences homelessness those types of offenses.”

Watch the council meeting to see for yourself.

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One reply on “Homelessness an Offense in “North Huron””

Perhaps if government at all levels wasnt so corrupt, there wouldnt be so many people unable to afford proper housing, and therefore there would be less homeless. But we can all wish in one hand and shit in another, all we want. We know which hand will fill up first.

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