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Paul Heffer Added To Hall Of Shame – Endangering Children, Abuse Of Power, Theft Of Lands – DO NOT APPROACH

Paul Heffer, a Wingham Ward councilor and candidate for Reeve in the upcoming Oct2022 election has been inducted into the Hall Of Shame. If seen on your property, call the police immediately if he refuses to leave. Paul Heffer will be available for your feedback at the All Candidates Meeting on 29Sept2022 at Wingham Town Hall.

Due to the volume of victims and nature of Paul Heffer’s crimes, it has been deemed in the Public’s interest to include his photo and home address. This will be the new policy for those who have committed crimes against Wingham taxpayers.

Below are only a few of the reasons Paul Heffer has been permanently added to the Hall Of Shame.

Destruction of Wingham’s historic Armoires.

Sold Wingham’s 77 acre airport for $200,000.

Sold 370+ acres for $11,000/acre, less than half market value.

Endangering Bristol Terrace lives by refusing to clear both pedestrian paths on Hanna Bridge in the winter.

Forcing children to walk in traffic to get to school during the winter months by refusing to clear sidewalks.

Paul Heffer’s contact information:
Address: 280 Manor Road
Phone: (519) 357-3594
Email: [email protected]

Paul Heffer – Permanent member of the Hall Of Shame

6 replies on “Paul Heffer Added To Hall Of Shame – Endangering Children, Abuse Of Power, Theft Of Lands – DO NOT APPROACH”

You’re kidding?!
Paul has spent his entire life helping kids and youths in and around wingham, volunteering his time as a sports referee for any sport. Always fair, always kind, always smiling. It’s almost a compliment to be on this hall of shame if someone like Paul Heffer is on it. Your free to type what you want but if a good man walks this earth it’s Paul.


Are you kidding me? He sold off our airport for pennies on the dollar, and that is ok with you because he likes to hang out with children?

They steal our land and you defend that criminal, WFT is wrong with you. Did you get a cut? Paul and anyone supporting the corruption at town hall should be sent to prison for life & assets seized. Paul refuses to clear snow around the hospital and schools, double taxes us, and robs us blind. Pull your head out of your arse and wake up.


Maybe they made a mistake…like you did typing wft instead of wtf. Settle down. Bring solutions, not more problems. Maybe instead of you funding the jail sentence you claim Paul deserves you could fund a snow blower instead to clear the sidewalks.


OK, clearly you got a cut. Accidently sold the airport with 77 acres for 5% of market value? Mistake, you think they just “forgot” a zero on the price.

It’s 100% fraud. How much do you want to wager it went to another Hodgins? Paul and morals! you have to be mething, look what he and council has done. Oh, it’s ok because Paul likes to hang out with children. If you can’t trust Paul with a pothole, sidewalk or bridge, why would you trust him with your children?

BTW, the taxpayers already have several trackless sidewalk machines, Paul Heffer simply refuses to allow staff to clear all sidewalks and Hanna bridge.

It only took 20 seconds to get confirmation the airport went to the daughter of (redacted for safety reasons) . Anyone else seeing a pattern of abuse and fraud?


If Heffer had any morals he wouldn’t force children to walk to school in traffic because he is too weak/cowardly to stand up to staff. He’d rather endanger our community’s children than take a moral/ethical stand and demand everyone get fair and equal service.

Isn’t that the same Paul Heffer that lied to police over the assault at town hall, rubber stamped budgets with zero scrutiny resulting in Ontario’s highest tax rate, banned questions, destroyed the Armories and sent us the bill, sold the trailer park without public input and for a fraction of the cost, sold the airport & lands for pennies on the dollar, etc. etc.

There is absolutely zero chance the fraud and crimes were simple “mistakes”, even someone with a childlike mind as yourself has to be able to see that.

I’m finally woke to what they are doing to us, and I won’t tolerate any form of child abuse or fraud.


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