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All Thieves & Candidates Meeting 29Sept Wingham Town Hall – Community In Chaos, Please Contact Police & Media

An “All Candidates Meeting” (Newcomers & incumbents/thieves) will start at 7pm, Thursday 29Sept2022 at Wingham Town Hall.

Death threats, threats to property, gun crimes, eggings & boycotts are now commonplace in Wingham as the Citizenry is rapidly waking to the abuse and theft of North Huron council, town staff and the OBC (Old Boys Club).

If you want to confront those that have been double taxing you, stole your airport or trailer park, filled in floodplain protecting Wingham, destroyed the trailer park trees, let our infrastructure crumble, closed the pool weekends during the summer, etc. etc. etc., this is your only opportunity, so bring your friends and family.

For this election you must decide who you believe will hold senior staff to account, that is the role of council as prescribed in section 224 of the Municipal Act. A councilor’s job is to represent their Constituents, not defend senior staff and “sell” our land for pennies on the dollar in backroom deals to the OBC.

A strong police presence is expected at the meeting due to the extreme risk of violence by an ever growing irate and fed up Citizenry, and the fact at least one current councilor has been caught on video assaulting someone for asking a question.

Please contact police if you have any security questions or concerns about the meeting on the 29th. Email James Stanley [email protected] or call him via (519) 482-1677.

If you want the local radio stations to cover the meeting, please contact Adam Bell [email protected] and let him know there is local interest
If you want the CBC to show up please contact Colin Butler [email protected]

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