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House Dogs Exempt From Dog Tax/Tags –  Rebates Expected

What started off as a complaint regarding a F-Trudeau flag flying at Buck & Jo’s in Wingham, Ontario continues to have ripple effects. The shocking admission from current North Huron CAO Dwayne Evans that his corporation’s by-laws only apply to property owned by the corporation, as described in the by-laws, has left hundreds of taxpayers realizing they have been victimized, bullied and fined without cause. 

North Huron’s animal control by-law 88-2019 does not apply to private property according to CAO Evans latest assertions. This means all of their by-laws only apply to land owned by the corporation known as North Huron.

Dogs that never leave their property therefore do not need to pay the “dog tax” or register their pet with “town hall”, submit a photo, and pay for a tag. Only those renting from the corporation would be subject to the by-law, or anyone else living in the corporation’s buildings (living in the corporation).

100’s of dog owners now realize North Huron’s dog tax is likely illegal, and was never meant to be enforced on private property.

If your dog leaves the property to use a dog park, then your dog will need to follow whatever rules they come up with. Technically it’s their property, so they can make up the rules. So if your pet never goes on the town’s property, or use any of it’s services,  it clearly would not need to follow any of their rules or pay their taxes.

If you have a house dog and have been coerced into paying the dog tax, you should contact your representative on council regarding a rebate for the all the years you were forced to pay this tax by an overreaching by-law department.

Next council meeting is 6pm, Tuesday at Wingham Town Hall.

North Huron Council Contact Info:
Paul Heffer

280 Manor Road
(519) 357-3594
[email protected] 
Mitch Wright
63 Bristol Terrace
(519) 357-9497
[email protected] 
Lonnie Whitfield
94 John St. West
(226) 222-2585 
[email protected] 
Anita van Hittersum
84012 Hoover Line
(519) 523-4492 
[email protected]
Chris Palmer
39331 Belfast Road
(519) 357-3385 
[email protected] 
Kevin Fascist  Falconer
303 King Street
(519) 955-0301 
[email protected]
Ric McBurney
202 Thuell St, Blyth
(519) 441-7415 
[email protected]

By-law 88-2019


A by-law for the licensing, regulating and requiring registration of dogs and kennels; for imposing a license fee on owners; and for prohibiting or regulating the running at large of dogs within the Township of North Huron
2.23. “Township” shall mean the Corporation of the Township of North Huron.

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