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Wingham Restaurant Offers $5 Off Canadian Freedom Burger To Those That Say “F🍁ck Trudeau”

Buck & Jo’s is offering $5 off their new Canadian Freedom Burger to anyone that says F🍁ck Trudeau when ordering the burger.

“We need to normalize questioning, criticizing and scrutinizing our governments. If you fear reprisals for speaking out against your government, you are not free. If the crimes of this government are still unknown to you, you need to wake up immediately. If you are still on board with a government that will trample, baton, and freeze the bank accounts of peaceful demonstrators, you need to read the warning sticker on our front door. ”  – F🍁ck Trudeau, and if you like Trudeau, F🍁ck you too! – “

 – F🍁ck Trudeau, and if you like Trudeau, F🍁ck you too! – “

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Businesses Across Canada Opening In Defiance Of Premiers & JT #ThankyouTruckers #FREEDOM

Countless businesses are re-opening across Canada in solidarity with the anti-segregation movement, regardless of what their Premier’s tell them, or what JT screams out from his hiding place. Numerous online polls show over 80% of Canadains are behind this movement to restore our Rights, don’t expect the traditional media to relay those facts.

Buck & Jo’s in Wingham is one of the thousands of businesses across Ontario that plan on opening their doors in a symbolic gesture of taking back control of our lives and Rights. Buck & Jo’s video went viral on FaceBook after confronting segregation enforcement officers on their doorstep, closing and then sending them away. Patriots have donated over $4,400 on their GoFundMe page to support their ongoing battle with segregation enforcers.

“We can’t be in Ottawa, but we can open our doors to those in need of warmth, comfort, food, shelter or bathroom in the area. It is barbaric that doug ford expects us to turn people away based on his criteria of the day. Segregation and Freedom can’t co-exist, that is a simple fact many are just waking up to.”

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Wingham Couple Facing Court Date Over Anti-Segregation Rant/Confrontation That Went Viral

A Wingham couple is now facing the threat of arrest unless they comply with a summons and appear before the Ontario Court Of Justice to defend their anti-segregation stance on the 18th of January. Buck & Jo’s has put forth a call to action on FaceBook.

“Patriots, we need your help now, and in the coming days/weeks. We need all of you to download Zoom and free up the morning/day of 18Jan. 

While everyone agrees we don’t stand a chance in court, including us, that is no reason to capitulate to tyranny and surrender our Canadian values.

Will you be telling future generations/grandchildren that you proudly fought segregation and did everything in your power to ensure every Canadian is treated equally, or lower your head silently in shame as you recall your former apathetic/cowardly inactions that destroyed so many businesses, communities and livelihoods?”

12Nov2021 segregation enforcement officers from HPPH were caught on video on the doorstep of Buck & Jo’s, and it went viral online with over 190,000 views on FaceBook. The couple has started a GoFundMe to help ensure that the restaurant in the heart of Wingham will still exist after the covid hysteria ends, and the government “allows” people to sit for coffee and meet with friends and family again.


Doug Ford Banned From Wingham Restaurant While Health Unit Stands Down & Revolution Takes Foothold

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has been publicly banned from Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in the heart of Wingham, via a 12 foot banner on the building. 

Congratulations you’ve found Buck & Jo’s
Photo ID or health info NOT Required.
We do not discriminate. If you have a problem with that, keep driving.
Breakfast & lunch served all day!
Everyone welcome except segregationists, pedophiles, racists & Doug Ford.

“If Doug Ford thinks he can tell me I can’t serve my friends and family in my own restaurant, he is clearly mental. If he thinks I’m (or anyone is) going to cook him a hot meal for $5-$10 while he is trying to force us to deny service to patriots, the homeless, nursing and expecting mothers, and others without a “vax-pass”, he is more stupid than he is plump and needs to be removed from office. It’s best for all if Doug Ford steers clear from Wingham. Everyone in Ontario needs to do what the Chiefs Of Police did when Ford wanted random police stops, and stand up to Doug Ford and openly refuse to comply. Anything else is an act of cowardice.”

As you probably already know, Huron Perth Public Health has refused to enforce Doug Ford’s unconstitutional mandates at Buck & Jo’s, after a rant/post of a flag planted in the middle of a restaurant’s dining room floor went viral. To further taunt the Health Unit, a chair was also put out for HPPH with a note. “This chair is reserved for Huron Perth Public Health Officer to check vaccine passport information. If this chair is empty it means HPPH is not enforcing the vaccine passport mandate”.


Wingham Activist Appointed As Head Of The Church Of Canada – Sanctuary Established In Heart Of Wingham #TCOC has appointed a Wingham activist as the Director/Minister of TCOC. Office(s) to be moved and set up in downtown Wingham in the coming days/weeks.

The Church Of Canada’s new Minister has been a Reverend with the ULC for over 20 years, and has just officially changed his title to Minister for the TCOC.

Past activism includes a strong record of holding those in authority to account and exposing political and police corruption. Also former Chair of North Huron Block Parents and allegedly behind the Free Press Network and various other sites/movements.

Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in the heart of Wingham, is happy to announce that as of 11Oct2021 their building will be the official home of The Church Of Canada. “We have been referred to as a sanctuary numerous times over the years, now it will become official.”

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Health Unit Stands Down As The GODs Descend On Wingham- Vac-Pass Not Required In Huron Perth?

A call went out to all Guardians Of Democracy (GODs) to honor their oath, and it went viral. They have come from across Ontario to defend what some believe to be the last few square feet of the former Glorious and Free Canada.

Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant located in the heart of Wingham has been openly defying and taunting Huron Perth Public Health to show up and enforce Doug Ford’s “Denial Of Service Demand”.

HPPH have yet to show up, and sources tell us the HPPH will be standing down and will not enforce Doug Ford’s Denial of Service Demand (aka Vaccine Passports) as it violates the Rights of Canadians, just like when the police refused to do random stops.

If you agree or disagree, you are urged to contact Huron Perth Public Health.



Phone: 1 888-221-2133

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Health Unit Dared To Shut Restaurant Down – Buck Stops Here #HonorYourOath

Dear Huron Perth Public Health.

Buck & Jo’s (235 Josephine St. Wingham) will not be checking customers ID or demanding any personal health information as per your email demand. Asking customers for this information would be a violation of their Rights and a violation of a sacred oath I have sworn.

If a police officer can’t stop people and demand ID, then similar power can not be bestowed upon me. No federal, provincial or municipal authority/agency should ever bestow that authority to random unvetted citizens in a free society.

I will not be following your orders on 22Sept2021. I can not be compelled to violate anyone’s Rights despite the risk of fines, or the loss of freedom or livelihood. If I obeyed, my shame and disgrace would not be eased by telling myself I was just following orders.

You can set up outside our tiny restaurant and question everyone that attempts to come in, or everyone that walks by if you feel you have the constitutional authority to do so. No one is permitted to harass or question our customers on premises. You clearly have the option to wait outside for them and to follow and question them as you see fit, but it won’t happen on my property.

Don’t ask, don’t tell. That is our policy at Buck & Jo’s regarding vaccine status. It is also forbidden to discuss your vaccine status, or anyone else’s while on premises. This goes for everyone, including anyone claiming authority to do random checks of sit-down customers. A “Don’t Tread On Me” flag is flying as a warning to those that seek to oppress. 

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. Every Canadian has pledged this a thousand times, likely at the start of every school day or sporting event. You and I have all sworn an oath to be Guardians of Democracy

We did not pledge our allegiance to a political party or politicians of the day. We swore that oath to our Constitution/Charter of Rights. Our National Anthem is an oath to defend the Rights of Canadians and to make/keep Canada glorious and free.

I expect to see your enforcement officers the morning of the 22nd to shut us down. If you blindly follow your orders, you will need to bring the yellow tape and/or weld our doors shut.

Your other option is to send two people to stand outside and check ID and health information. We don’t have the manpower or flexible morality to do your enforcement for you.

If you don’t show up on the 22nd it will be assumed that Huron Perth Public Health will not be enforcing Doug Ford’s Denial Of Service Demand.

After the 21st it will be an act of rebellion just to sit for a cup of coffee. Is this the Canada you wish to bring about? 

I look forward to seeing you on the 22nd and to debate this in front of a judge.



Ontario Government To Decree ‘Denial Of Service Demand’ To Businesses – We Will Not Comply #DOSD #VaccinePassport

A restaurant in the heart of Wingham has announced it will not be participating in the Ontario government’s proposed Denial Of Service Demand to those that have not been vaccinated. The Ontario government is going to attempt to force businesses to deny service to those without a “vaccine passport”.

“We are fundamentally opposed to forced disclosure of personal medical information. Denying service to those that don’t capitulate to the government’s injection demands is going too far, and is against our Charter of Rights. We will not help the government pressure Canadians into making health care choices they are not comfortable with. 

We fully expect fines and great expense defending our position if the vaccine passport system is implemented, as we will not comply.”

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War Declared As Church Insults Local Ma & Pa Business Flying Rainbow Flag #TaxTheChurch

This is a public response to MRCC’s recent action.

A very rude and unfriendly person came into our restaurant and tossed an envelope on the counter in an aggressive manner while saying “I have a gift for you”, then quickly left. Those that have come in only to complain about our rainbow flag were more polite and cordial than this person.

Inside the envelope was a note from doug kuyvenhoven’s church, “The Maitland River Church family would like to bless you today”. Also included were two $5 gift cards to the competition responsible for wiping out Ma & Pa coffee shops from coast to coast in Canada, which explains the snarky/sarcastic attitude of the delivery person.

While you may think it’s a hysterically funny insult to give the owners of a Ma & Pa coffee shop Tim H***** gift cards, you didn’t need to spend some of your afterlife scam money and follow through. Not only is it highly insulting, very little effort was put into the insult. 

You clearly need help.

Here are a few quick suggestions for next time, just in case you are daft enough to do so again. 

  • “I thought you would like to know what a good cup of coffee tastes like, here are some gift cards”. 
  • “Here are some gift cards to the place you’ll likely end up working when they run you out of business”.
  • “Want to see how a real coffee shop is run, here are some gift cards.”
  • “I bet you are dyeing for a good cup of coffee, here are some gift cards.”
  • “If your customers want a decent breakfast, give them these gift cards.”

Honestly, I’m almost more offended by the lack of effort and creativity in your attempted cruelty. BTW, any more children come forward with sexual assault allegations toward the Maitland River Community Church? How is Simon doing? Hopefully he has found out if there really is an afterlife and the stories of prison justice for pedos are all true.

We can not accept these gift cards, as they were paid for by what we consider to be proceeds of crime. Extorting the superstition and the vulnerable for financial gain and molesting our children (Re: Simon Chiarello) is something we are firmly against and want no part of, in any manner or fashion.

Please accept the return of these cards knowing there is zero chance I will ever play imaginary friends with you or believe in your sky genie. You will not get a percentage of my income nor get access to my children, stick with your current batch of victims.

MRCC victims can get 25% off our church shirts. The most popular being “I AM NOT AN ATHEIST, I’m an adult. I don’t believe in your sky genie or want to play imaginary friends with you. Not because I’m an ‘atheist’, it’s because I’m an adult”.


½ Price Magic Brownies For Children Under 18 @ Buck & Jo’s

A restaurant in the heart of Wingham is selling Magic Brownies with no ID required. In fact, children under 18 get 50% off in an obvious attempt to get them hooked. Cherry cheesecake brownies with “magic” are $19.99/ea for adults, $9.99 for children. 

If you want a “magicless/regular” cherry cheesecake brownie they are $3.49 @ Buck & Jo’s.

Full details are available at Buck & Jo’s