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HPPH Admits Wrongdoing In Court Over Vax-Pass Debacle In Wingham – Patrick Landry Added To Hall Of Shame

Tensions frequently hit the boiling point during the trial of Buck & Jo’s vs Segregation Enforcement (HPPH) 12Jan2023 in Goderich. Buck literally had the HPPH segregationists shaking and trembling on the witness stand to the point the judge had to calm them. According to all video evidence the restaurant actually fully complied with the order from HPPH. A date for verdict will be set 31Jan.

Huron Perth Public Health segregation enforcement officer Patrick Landry admitted in court of his gross error in the order they served on Buck & Jo’s 05Nov2021. The order stated that the business screen customers at the point of entry. This meant the business would have to hire someone to stand on their street corner demanding customers to “show me your papers”. 

Landry stated that even though it specifically stated “point of entry” in the order he dropped off, that is not what he meant. Patrick Landry’s fury was clear as he was forced to read aloud his mistake in the courtroom. This gross negligence and lying to his superiors stating he closed Buck & Jo’s dining room are directly responsible for destroying the business and its’ reputation. The dining room was not open for them to close, it had been closed for a week before the incident, and for several months afterward.

Patrick Landry later stated that “the word of a restaurateur means nothing to me” as he appeared to be fighting back tears.

All citizens and business owners are strongly advised to video record ALL interactions with Patrick Landry and anyone claiming to be from Huron Perth Public Health.

Patrick Landry has been officially added to the Hall Of Shame.

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Tempers Flare Again In Goderich Court – The System vs The People #BuckTheSystem

Gregory Stewart, notorious enemy of freedom and justice, will be representing The System at the courthouse in Goderich,12Jan2023 @10am. Stewart is defending Huron Perth Public Health’s (HPPH) right not to answer questions, power of armed inspections, and right to issue false statements to the public to penalize anyone that challenged their authority or asked a question. Many of you remember Mr. Stewart from the multi-million dollar real estate scandal in Wingham.

The People will be represented by Buck & Jo, a couple of grandparents that kicked out an armed OPP officer after he refused to answer questions. The video of the tiny grandmother standing up to HPPH and a masked armed OPP officer went viral, shaming the segregation enforcement team. Hundreds from across the province then flocked to Wingham to show support and help defend the Front Line painted at the threshold of the business. “The line must be drawn here, this far, and no further.”

This will be the 7th visit to court for the victims of Stewart and HPPH, despite Buck & Jo being ready to go on day one. Once a parasitic lawyer latches on to persecute a case (bylaw or HPPH), their only goal is to increase their billable hours and drag it out as long as possible, that is how they make their livelihood. 

Tempers will flare again in court if Mr. Stewart attempts to cover up, or exclude any facts or videos. All those attending are encouraged to bring their own bail money.

Below is a 10 minute version of all 4 confrontations with HPPH, including the 12Nov holding of the line.

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Wingham Restaurant Facing $1,000/minute Fine For Holding The Line #HoldTheLine

On 12Jan2023 in Goderich the trial of a Wingham restaurant that demanded Huron Perth Public Health answer questions is scheduled to take place. Buck & Jo’s  is facing a fine of $100 – $1,000/minute for standing their ground & holding the line which is literally painted at the threshold of the business.

The prosecution told the Owners of Buck & Jo’s if they handed over $2,500 and lied to the court it would all go away. This stems from 12Nov2021 when the owners unlocked the doors for 25 minutes and waited for HPPH to finally answer their questions. If/when the couple that stood their ground defending their Charter Rights is found guilty the fine is expected to be 10X their initial extortion/plea-bargain demand.

This escalation is a result of HPPH bringing a masked gunman to the restaurant to assist in an “inspection”. When questioned why the OPP was enforcing covid mandates the masked armed officer then claimed he was just there for security.

The prosecution (Gregory Stewart) just happens to be the same “lawyer” Wingham Town Hall uses to target citizens with the SS (Social Standards). You might remember Mr. Stewart from the Wingham Airport scandal where 77 prime acres were sold for a total of $200,000, that is less than one building lot in Wingham. Wingham taxpayers are out tens of millions of dollars and their Rights are undefended due to the actions of corrupt and greedy lawyers.

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Restaurant Makes Mockery Of Town Hall’s So-called Authority – North Huron To Setup “Standards Council” #AllHuffNoPuff

Bylaw officers across Ontario are standing down after they were forced to acknowledge they have zero authority on private land. Most came to this realization after they attempted to force members of the Public to remove F🍁ck Trudeau flags from their home and/or businesses.

The Mayor/Reeve of Wingham was rudely woken when the OPP stood down and refused to act on his complaint of  F🍁ck Trudeau flags at Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in the heart of Wingham. Sadly for council the Wingham Police were disbanded years prior, and the police no longer blindly do their bidding. Their bylaw enforcement officer was their last hope at bullying people into submission and compliance to their arbitrary demands.

A desperate NH council is striking back and will be setting up a Shadow Council, composed solely of themselves, to decide “standards”. This “standards council” will unconstitutionally grant themselves perpetual notwithstanding powers in an attempt to scare the public into blind unquestioning compliance.

Next council meeting is 19Dec2022, 6pm Wingham Town Hall.

North Huron SS Upper Echelon / Council Contact Info:
Paul Heffer – 280 Manor Road (519) 357-3594 – [email protected]
Mitch Wright – 63 Bristol Terrace – [email protected]
Lonnie Whitfield – 94 John St. West – [email protected]
Anita van Hittersum – 84012 Hoover Line – (519) 523-4492 [email protected]
Chris Palmer – 39331 Belfast Road (519) 357-3385 [email protected]
Kevin Fascist  Falconer – 303 King Street (519) 955-0301 [email protected]
Ric McBurney – 202 Thuell St, Blyth(519) 441-7415 [email protected]

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Outbreak In Wingham (R10) – Steps You Need To Take ASAP To Protect Your Children & Communities

R Factor 10 means every person will likely spread it to 10 more people, an exponential growth factor unseen during even the most infectious days of Covid19.

This current outbreak is traced back to a business in Wingham, ON after some postings on FaceBook clearly showed the Owners were highly contagious. Simply sharing one of their postings or watching one of their viral videos is all it takes for it to spread, and you will likely “infect” at least 10 of your contacts in the coming days and weeks following exposure.

The most noticeable symptom seems to be a rare form of Tourettes which causes over 50% of those exposed to yell FREEDOM and/or Hold The Line.

One of the more shocking symptoms is that adult males have had their testicles descend after years of TTR (Total Testical Retraction) caused by hyper-submissiveness and being emasculated by our  so-called “government” which treats us like toddlers.

The Public’s reaction to this outbreak is similar to the old days of “chickenpox parties”, they want to get infected!

What can you do to participate in this outbreak of Freedom?? 

  1. Acknowledge that “just following orders” is never an excuse to trespass or violate someone’s rights.
  2. Never share your private health information again, especially vaccine status.
  3. Realize “town halls” can’t micromanage your life, and that you are an adult and can make your own decisions.
  4. Question everyone that claims to have authority over you, and stand your ground if they refuse to answer.
  5. Don’t fear your government, your government should fear you.

It turns out the only thing infectious in Wingham is their attitude.

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Deadly Force Against Trespassers Approved By Council & OPP – Municipal Employees Put On Notice #StopTheBookBurning

Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in the heart of Wingham, stood up to bylaw enforcement declaring they have no authority to censor the signs or books in their windows. Things have escalated.

Council wanted bylaw enforcement officer Nancy Small to confiscate the signs, book, shirts and anything with the phrase “Vote Buck” from the business.

“I assume when they steal our signs, books, etc. they will put them in evidence, or maybe just burn them. It’s a little heartbreaking to know that we are at the cusp of a good old government sponsored book burning. We aren’t quite there yet due to Nancy Small standing her ground. That is likely to change after the next council meeting though”.

North Huron council at the 18July2022 meeting promoted deadly force against trespassers, this was with the support and backing of the OPP. Click here for video and details.

For decades residents have had their rights violated by being trespassed, harassed & extorted by con artists at town halls acting as an elite secret police force that is above the law, claiming to have the power to override your Bill of Rights & Charter of Rights.

Corporate/municipal bylaw officers are hired to enforce standards on municipal property, that is property owned by the municipality/public land. If our infrastructure is failing it’s because bylaw officers have refused to do their jobs and hold staff to account. 

When town staff habitually dump snow on sidewalks and get away with it, or if pot holes have damaged your vehicle, or any of our infrastructure is not up to standard, it is due to the dereliction of duty of municipal bylaw officers. Apparently they have been too busy harassing, trespassing and trampling our rights to do the actual job they are paid to do.

They have conned the public into believing “Town Hall” can create laws granting them the power to enter your home or business and confiscate property. The only difference between them and a burglar, is a burglar doesn’t fill out paperwork first in an attempt to create the illusion they are acting in good faith and the interest of the “public good”.

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Massive Rights Victory – Bylaw Department No Authority On Private Land In Ontario

North Huron bylaw enforcement has declared they have no authority on private property by standing down and refusing to violate the Rights of the owners of Buck & Jo’s in the heart of Wingham.

The debate across Ontario has ended on whether or not so-called municipal governments have notwithstanding powers to violate the rights of those that they swore an oath to serve. 

Municipal bylaw enforcement officers do not have more power than a police officer or a judge. They never did, except on property owned by the corporation they were hired to enforce bylaws on. A bylaw officer has the same rights as a property owner when it comes to public land and therefore can enter without warrant to inspect property/buildings owned by the corporation/municipality they work for.

It was once believed that “Town Hall” had the authority to violate charter rights on a broad spectrum of issues from, if and how many pets you can own, if you can have a chicken, when to cut your grass, and how tidy you must keep your room/house.

Municipalities are corporations set up to provide services to their customers. They are service providers and we are customers of their services. If you don’t pay for the services you used they can put a lien on your property, much like any contractor can.

All corporations have their own bylaws to set standards of service etc. Those bylaws apply to the corporation, not to their customers. You wouldn’t allow your phone service provider to force their corporate bylaws on you, why would you allow your water and sewer provider too?

No one has the power to violate your rights, not even the corporation you get your water, sewer and garbage pickup from.

North Huron’s bylaw enforcement officer Nancy Small [email protected] should be applauded for her heroism helping restore rights across Ontario by helping shed light on this government overreach.

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Wingham Restaurant Defects To Alberta – Identifies As Albertan & Flying Alberta Flag #GodBlessDanielleSmith

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s comments and actions upholding rights and dignity for all has triggered an exodus from Ontario as Doug Ford further suspends Charter Rights. 

A Wingham couple is “identifying” as Albertan, flying Alberta’s flag at their restaurant (Buck & Jo’s), and declaring their property as an unofficial Alberta Embassy/territory. The restaurant already has a banner banning Doug Ford from their property that states “Everyone welcome, except segregationists, racists, pedophiles & Doug Ford”

“Doug Ford demanded everyone do what he says, from where you can stand, if you can go for a walk, if you are under house arrest, how many friends you can have over, what you can buy, etc. Then Doug Ford refuses to attend the War Act Inquiry, claiming an adult shouldn’t blindly do as his government tells them to do, is hypocrisy beyond belief. 

If someone now has a legal right to change genders by claiming they were born in the “wrong body”, I have a similar right to believe I was born on the wrong side of an imaginary line on a map. Doug Ford no longer affects my life, that downward spiral can be enjoyed by those that still identify as Ontarian. As an Albertan I enjoy waking up in the morning knowing my Rights won’t be trampled by an overreaching government that day.

Even Justin Trudeau has spoken out against Doug Ford suspending Charter Rights, and if anyone one knows about violating Rights, it’s JT!”

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Tempers Flare In Goderich Courtroom – $1,000,000 Fine Threat, Backroom Deal, Corruption & Bully Bonus Exposed

Tempers flared at the trial for the owners of a Wingham restaurant (Buck & Jo’s) after Gregory Stewart threatened the couple with 9 charges. Mr. Stewart then offered to make things go away for a $2,500 “fine” provided one of the couple pleads guilty to a charge. When asked what charge they would need to plead guilty too, the response from Gregory Stewart was ‘any one, you can choose, it doesn’t matter’. Apparently that is what is currently accepted as justice in Huron County.

Mr. Stewart was extremely confident that all 9 charges would stick, and implied the maximum fine would be sought for all 9 charges, likely in the $100,000 – $1,000,000 range. 

All the couple had to do was commit perjury by pleading guilty to something they didn’t do, don’t go to trial and don’t show the videos to the judge, and hand over at least $2,500.  

The couple resoundly turned down the offer, stating they would only accept dropping of all charges, a retraction of the erroneous press release from HPPH dated 12Nov2021, an apology and corrected press release. Mr. Stewart was very offended by the counter offer according to the couple.

Gregory Stewart refused to allow the trial to move forward 08Sept, stating he didn’t have the time to watch the 10 minutes of video. A very odd approach since he clearly would have the rest of the day free if he didn’t watch the videos, the judge was visibly frustrated with Mr. Stewart for wasting everyone’s time and taxpayer money.

Apparently there are numerous glaring inconsistencies and omissions between the written statements of HPPH segregation enforcement officers and the videos, something Gregory Stewart and HPPH are desperate to keep from a judge’s eyes.

The next court date is 04Oct2022 to set another trial date. They have to go back again just so they can tell them when to come back. Of course Gregory Stewart could have moved forward with the trial on 08Sept, but this way he gets to send at least 2 more bills to the taxpayer. Being a bully has never been more profitable. 

The more they stall, the more money they make, and the worse the financial devastation to the restaurant until they can officially clear their name in court.

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Reeve Has Breakdown Over Trudeau Flags & Attacks Restaurant – VIDEO “Hillbilly liar with no moral compass”

07July current North Huron Reeve bernie bailey attempted to enter Buck & Jo’s to ask them to consider taking down their F Trudeau flag, but cowardice prevailed. Current Reeve bailey did not enter Buck & Jo’s after he apparently noticed signage stating “Everyone Welcome except racists, pedophiles, segregationists & Doug Ford”. He clearly isn’t Doug Ford so many presume he must be one or more of the other unwelcomed listed. 

After video recording flags and signage bailey quickly ran back to his vehicle and called the police. We can not confirm the rumors bailey was so terrified that he was doubly incontinent leaving a urine trail while running back to his vehicle, instead of having an adult conversation. He has confirmed he called the police and they stood down as they have real crimes to take care of. Apparently a full grown adult whining over the use of the F word and sitting in a puddle of his own making isn’t a top priority, who knew? Everyone, except bernie bailey.

Now you might be thinking, there is no way he could be more childlike or unprofessional. You would be wrong. Current Reeve bailey then took to name calling during a council meeting, calling the Owner(s) “Hillbilly liar with no moral compass”.

Mr. bailey is invited to Buck & Jo’s on Monday 25July2022 @ 4pm for a 30 minute discussion on free speech and property rights. If Reeve bernie bailey still believes it’s appropriate for him to ask for the F Trudeau flag to be taken down after the 30 minutes, it will be upon his request. We all know there is a zero chance bailey will ever summon the courage for a conversation on video, so the flags will more than likely stay indefinitely.

If you see the flags Tuesday when the restaurant is open, it is a very clear sign that North Huron Reeve strongly supports the F Trudeau flags and what they stand for or maybe he is just paralyzed by cowardice.