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Tempers Flare In Goderich Courthouse – Gregory Stewart Ignores Two Judges & Continues Unconstitutional Attack On Wingham Business

(Goderich, Ontario) Before court started, yelling could be heard over Zoom from inside the courthouse. Someone was aggressively questioning why the charges weren’t dropped due to the recent court rulings, as they have been dropped across Canada.  Moment’s later court started in the matter of King Charles Vs. Buck of Buck & Jo’s.

Once court started it was clear the “The King”, represented by Gregory Stewart, couldn’t care less about his lack of preparedness or even paying attention. Things were so bad Justice MacDonald stepped in to inform Gregory Stewart about the recent rulings, and that Stewart would have to justify his continued unconstitutional attack on a small business that wasn’t even open during the alleged offense.

The Honorable Justice MacDonald was visibly agitated when he had to repeat his demand to Gregory Stewart who was clearly not paying attention, either due to apathy, dementia, incompetence, or the simple inability to keep up.  Stewart said he would look into the rulings the Judge mentioned, seemingly oblivious to current events. Stewart spectacularly was ignoring/disrespecting two Judges at the same time. No doubt Stewart will bill the taxpayers/victims even more hours to unconstitutionally attack and destroy the business.

12Feb2024 court will reconvene via Zoom for another attempt to set a date for Greg Stewart of Donnelly Murphy to finally counter the arguments set forth by Buck & Jo’s.

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