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Activists To Take Back Goderich Courthouse 15April – Pickup Your Weapon & Stand At Post #Call2Arms #StandOurGround

(Goderich, On) The court has been put on notice, video cameras will return to the courthouse 15April at 2:15 whether they like it or not. Permission has been given by the Rights Activist that is appealing his unconstitutional conviction of “covid crimes” by inattentive Justice of the Peace Frank Leedy (aka Frankie-not-a-judge). 

The Activist was fined a total of $6,900 due to Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) false and misleading testimony at trial, despite the truth being captured on video. One segregation enforcement officer even claimed one of owners was “brandishing a weapon”. This perjury and massive fine was done to scare people into compliance in the future. Punishing the Activist for the future crime of others is an abhorrent abuse of power the lower/lowly court calls “general deterrence”. Conduct fitting only of a disgraced principal or tyrant.

15April will mark 892 days since the standoff began at Buck & Jo’s when a masked OPP “officer” attempted to intimidate the owners by saying “I expect you to comply” with his hand on his gun, and segregation enforcement refusing to answer questions or do their job.

Buck & Jo’s is calling for peace and for the Public to once again pickup their cameras like they did on 05Nov2021 when HPPH threatened to return with a contingent of armed OPP. A video camera is the only weapon needed to expose the abuse of power and the for-profit-prosecution. The 05Nov stand off was viewed over 240,000 times on FaceBook alone.

The appeal will be in person at the Goderich courthouse, and via Zoom for those willing to hit the record button. One tiny click for you, one giant step for Democracy, Freedom & Transparency.

Zoom connection info:  dUNjcnE5K1k4R2N4TkxvT1JtUGtpZz09 Meeting ID: 640 7440 6397 Passcode: 881382