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Trudeau Supporters Laughed Out Of Wingham Restaurant After Screaming- “It’s The Fuck Trudeau People!” #Sheeple

Earlier this week an elderly couple attended Buck & Jo’s a Wingham restaurant and placed their meal order. Before paying they had some sort of break down and started yelling and swearing. “These are the Fuck Trudeau people!” and started to storm out.

Customers in the restaurant were laughing loudly, especially after one customer said “That’s alright, he didn’t want to cook for you anyway”. To which the Trudeau lover screamed out “Fuck YOU”, which triggered even more laughter.

Jo, co-owner of Buck & Jo’s chimed in with a very happy and pleasant “have a nice day”, which caused even more laughter as the sheeple scurried away.

It should be noted that the only ones that were swearing in the restaurant were the Trudeau supporters.

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