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Infector Detector To End All Lockdowns Of The Non-Infectious: HPPH & Vax-Pass Declared Moot #InfectorDetector

(Wingham, Ontario) A world with no more lockdowns is what Project Gadsden set out to accomplish. Imagine a world where only the infectious are quarantined, and the healthy are not needlessly punished due to outdated infection detection systems. Project Gadsden is now in its next phase of development and hopes to have a scalable solution available in the next 6 months to protect Long Term Care Home residents and staff.

Project Gadsden was started after Huron Perth Public Health repeatedly refused to do their job at Buck & Jo’s, a Wingham restaurant, then lied in court despite the truth being captured on countless videos. It was clear HPPH’s emotional response that destroyed the business needed to end, and objective data needed to be collected so decisions could be made based on facts, not feelings.

For several years Huron Perth Public Health has refused to answer questions or do an inspection. The restaurant had to turn to technology to replace the HPPH inspectors that refuse to do their jobs. Among the upgrades are new sensors that automatically log fridge and freezer temperatures, and AI Medical Alert devices that alert the owners if they are suspected of having an infection.

Millions of healthy, non infectious Canadians were illegally locked down, and forced to pay $2.5 billion for rapid tests that were at best 50% accurate. Flipping a coin would have yielded the same results. 

These victims were then forced to make decisions on that faulty data, disrupting family and work life, wiping out small businesses, and dividing families and friends without just or probable cause. These atrocities happened because they claimed they had no way of identifying the infectious, so everyone had to be locked down.

If you can prove you are healthy and noninfectious you should not be subject to future arbitrary lockdowns. It is illegal to detain or imprison someone without cause. If the “government” can’t prove you are a threat to public health, they have not right or power to punish you. 

FACT: Having been vaccinated for one or two of the thousands of viruses in circulation does not mean you are not infectious or ill. It means you have been vaccinated, that’s all. 

The myth that being vaccinated made you non-infectious and safe to go out in public was propagated during the covid-19 hysteria to sell 14 billion doses of vaccine. This gave citizens a false sense of security and helped spread the virus to increase demand for the highly profitable vaccines. It is clear that forcing people to get vaccinated did virtually nothing to stop the spread of the virus. 

FACT: Only those that are infectious need to be quarantined or locked down. Those that are healthy and non-infectious should not be subject to illegal and arbitrary lockdowns in the future.

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