Will The Foxton Name Ever Be Known For More Than Lubricating The Maitland River – Chief poole Facing More Dereliction Of Duty Allegations

Current disgraced chief tim poole is facing more dereliction of duty allegations regarding the August Atrocities. Chief poole himself is a witness to officer MacAdam’s video claims, and that alone should be reason enough for the chief to recuse his department from the investigation.

Chief tim poole has appointed Sgt Foxton to investigate officer kevin macadam over perjury and collusion allegations. Poole has apparently partnered the two as they showed up to the 20April incident at Madill together. Clearly current chief poole lacks the mental fortitude to realize how inappropriate that is. Can you imagine the conversation when they are out patrolling together? Hey buddy I have to investigate you, and that could lead to a 14 year prison term for perjury because you lied and aren’t as honorable as you should be, wanna go steal some coffees partner?

Now Sgt Foxton has finally completed his training so he can investigate his partner he should realize there are some conflicts. The Reeve ordered the police to be called without cause and has admitted to rubber stamping Wingham police budgets. Kathy Adams is involved and is the secretary of the Police Board. Councillor Brock Vodden is involved, so is Councillor/Police Board member Yolanda Ritsema-Teeninga. Don’t forget the obvious conflict of investigating your own partner or a member of your own force.

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