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Business Calls BS On Covid Hysteria – Masks Banned & Operating Like It’s 2018 #NewYearsRevolution #WinghamWakening

A Wingham business on the front line to restore our Rights is planning on reopening Tuesday 04Jan2022 and operating like it is 2018. Due to security issues the wearing of masks that obscure your identity are strictly prohibited at Buck & Jo’s.

The current covid hysteria is waking countless Ontarians to the fact there is no difference between a mandatorship and a dictatorship.

In a working democracy the government provides data, advice and treats the Citizens as adults. They don’t tell you that you can’t buy a big screen tv, clothing, cooking utensils or crayons, ban you from singing, dancing or sitting for coffee, or if you are “allowed” to visit your own grandchildren, how many friends and family you can have over, if you can watch your kids play sports, and then send you to your room.

If you allow the government to treat you like a child, they will. Everyone needs to re-summon the courage they had the first time they said NO to their parents/guardians and stood their ground for what they believed to be fair.

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Good for you! You have courage and principles. If all businesses had your unique brand of intelligence, this nonsense would be over. Done and done. 👏


Beautiful!! Hope this becomes the New Year Reveloution of ” VICTORY OVER OUR ECONOMY!!” We run and choose the Government, it’s not the other way around!! Don’t allow our Rights and Freedoms to taken! 🥳🥳🥳💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏


Excellent! This cloth or surgical mask propaganda was a joke from day 1 anyways! Anyone with common sense (or in medical field) knows ONLY an N95 respirator mask is capable of filtering out viral spores. If this was a real pandemic these masks would never be an option. Imagine the stupidity that one can travel on a plane, eat out or go to large venues, remove these useless face diapers (to eat or drink) then walk around out it on again? Where’s the science tgat states “viral spores” know where to land!! Lol. What a joke this has all been. Shame on health depts even supporting this govt garbage!! If everyone took these diapers off and followed “real science” from real drs not govt pd goons.. it would all be over. These tyrants work for the people not vice versa! We have the power. This was never about health but control. 🐑🐑🐑


Yassss!! Sending you so much love. I hope all businesses follow suit. Many thanks. There are businesses across this country that are finally rising up. For those that don’t agree with what you are doing, it will be a small loss as they have many other places to be – like in their homes.


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