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Ontario Back In Lockdown Until February – Friends & Family Restrictions – Schools & Some Businesses Closed

The Ontario government is now claiming the new bug going around is so dangerous it is not even safe to gather outdoors in groups of more than 10. The safe limit for indoors is 5 according to the government. It is so dangerous we must sacrifice more Rights as we enter the 3rd calendar year of this “pandemic”.

To help stop the spread they have lowered the house arrest time to 5 days from 10 if you are suspected of being infected, and also allowed infected doctors and nurses to work. 

They claim the peak of this wave will come at the end of January, so don’t expect schools to open or restrictions to end until early February at the earliest.

It is very hard to take any of them seriously as not one of them used their mask correctly during the news conference. They all clearly fondled the fabric of their masks, then touched various things. It’s as disgusting and sanitary as spitting in your hand first. If you can’t wear a mask properly, don’t do it, you just make things way worse.

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