North Huron Council Powerless, Authority Ruled Null & Void – Notwithstanding Powers Declined

People across Canada are waking up to the fact that municipal civil servants do not have, and never did have “notwithstanding” powers to violate your Rights. There are over 10,000 estimated victims in Ontario that have been harassed, trespassed and extorted.

In retrospect it does seem absurd that the corporation set up to provide our water, roads & sewer would be able to override our Bill of Rights & Charter of Rights. They are corporations set up to literally take our shit, we don’t take it from them.

Bylaw officers for corporations/municipalities only have power on property they own. One example is they can decide you can’t have a chicken in a public park and have a bylaw accordingly. Their job is to hold town staff & council to the standards they have set and have enshrined into a bylaw for their corporation.

Did you really think Town Hall ever had the power to tell everyone they can’t have a chicken in their own backyard? That their kids can’t have a chicken, your neighbors can’t have a chicken, and no one in town can have a chicken, and until the end of time no one can have a chicken ever again.

If you want your country back, you first have to take back your own property. #StandYourGround