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Justice Of The Peace Frank Leddy Added To HOS – The System Is Broken #Frankie-not-a-judge

If you think our “justice” system is run by qualified and educated legal professionals with a lifetime of experience, you have been fooled. 

On May 22, 2018 school principal with no legal experience Frank Leddy was appointed as a Justice Of The Peace to the Ontario Court of “Justice”. 16 others were appointed that day, virtually none of them had any legal experience what-so-ever. This man along with Wingham Town Hall’s lawyer Greg Stewart are responsible for the attack and destruction of Buck & Jo’s in Wingham.

These patronage appointments ensure they system is always skewed against the Public. These unqualified not-a-judges want only one thing, your unquestioning compliance and obedience. Only show fear, or they will beat you down like Stratford Police beating down a child that pulled a finger gun on them. #FilmThePolice

Detailed examination of court transcripts and available video show JP Leddy has severe attention and comprehension issues. This combined with his inability to absorb details, and his agonizingly slow toddler-like pace of taking notes during a trial ensures Justice is never accomplished.

JP Leddy’s comments about “general deterrence” should be reason enough for Leddy to be fired, and all judgements reviewed by a competent legal professional. For this and many other reasons Frank Leddy has been added to the Hall Of Shame.

One ubiquitous comment is “the system is broken”. Seemingly everyone agrees there is something horribly wrong with Canada, our rights have been taken, and we are being treated like children. Now you know why! School principals are still in charge of your life! These not-a-judges are also responsible for supporting the overreach of by-law enforcement, trampling your rights under the pretense of the “greater good”.

Men don’t act like Men anymore. It’s natural for the male of all species to want to protect the beings and things they love. They have convinced too many that it’s wrong to ask questions or act like Men. In fact they have convinced some desperate attention seeking people with mental health issues they can even change genders if they want.

When a local sex offender can “identify” as a female in order to go to lady-lockup, even those of you that rode the shortest bus to school have to agree the system is broken.