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Finger Gun Leads To Beatdown By Stratford Police – Officer Refuses To Hand Over Notes To SIU – #GangstersInBlue #ManditoryBodyCameras

Stratford police swarmed, restrained, punched, took to the ground, then punched their victim several more times until ribs were fractured, like in a gangster movie when an addle minded thug is offended. The typical gangster beatdown of “grab his arms while I beat him until he shows some respect”. No wonder police refuse to wear and use body cameras.

Now you might be asking what did the Citizen do to trigger such a violent rib-fracturing beatdown by the Stratford “gangsters in blue”. It was an imaginary gun AKA a finger gun pointed toward a moving police cruiser. 

The Stratford police responded to the finger gun like gangsters spotting someone wearing the wrong gang colors in their hood. The cop did a U-turn and signaled his fellow gangsters in blue to swarm and then beat the unarmed man that disrespected them. Then the Stratford police charged their victim with “uttering threats” and declined to hand their notes over the SIU.

Click here to read the full SIU report and to confirm the above.

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3 replies on “Finger Gun Leads To Beatdown By Stratford Police – Officer Refuses To Hand Over Notes To SIU – #GangstersInBlue #ManditoryBodyCameras”

Should of kicked the boy in blue in the nuts those cops r retarded an think they own the town. They’ll mess with the wrong dude some time. And they deserve it

The SIU Report and Police Report are both false and fabricated. The article written by the Wingham press is very real. The police lacked probable cause, pushed me up the street, challenged me to a fight, put their hands on me, and made a retaliation arrest, because I knew of my rights. Stupid or not, my freedom of speech was violated. Now that officer is being charged for assaulting another victim of his. His name is cody millian. He isn’t a victim of anything. He did not even receive finger guns and is a liar. He and his partner Fraser Anderson are both Violent sociopaths. Stay away from them.

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