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HST Protest Triggers Crack Down And Reeve States “… get a gun and come to Wingham and shoot people …” #FirstDomino?

Within days of a highly publicized HST boycott at Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in the heart of Wingham on the front line to restore our Rights, the government struck back with a vengeance nearly strong enough to extinguish the tiny ember of Hope that still exists in Ontario. 

The owners of Buck & Jo’s were literally minutes away from giving up, due to having virtually all hope and inspiration depleted, when an elderly blind lady with white cane in hand told her story to Buck. It’s if the blind woman could see/recognize the absence of Hope in a fellow human. 

Her story was of friends and family that risked their lives to hide people an oppressive regime wanted marginalized, rounded up and then terminated. She also spoke of unity and the day the people united and took to the streets to restore their Rights and dignity. There is always Hope, no matter how dark the days may seem.

HPPH has warned Buck & Jo’s that the men with guns (OPP) will be coming to force staff to check photo ID and ask for personal health information at each point of entry. If staff don’t comply, the restaurant will be fined and locked/welded shut by the government. They literally demand they have someone on the street corner asking people to “show me your papers!”

North Huron Reeve bernie bailey has joined in the bullying. In an obvious attempt to inflame the situation by planting seeds by stating the following “...get a gun and come to Wingham and shoot people..

Most of you won’t believe someone in the government would put something like that out there. PLEASE call him and confirm that is part of one of his rants. Reeve bailey should be charged for inciting violence, but we all know the police will continue to have his back.

Bailey’s comments are believed to be behind the sudden rash of pro-government supporters (bootlickers) threatening and harassing the owners of Buck & Jo’s, as it started within hours of his statement.

The restaurant is closed until Friday for safety reasons. On Friday the restaurant will open long enough to get fined and shut down. Everyone is encouraged to show up and video record the death of Hope.

North Huron Contact Info:
Bernie Bailey – 595 Josephine St. Wingham (519) 357-4668 [email protected]
Trevor Seip – (519) 357-7759 [email protected]
Paul Heffer – (519) 357-3594 – [email protected]
Anita van Hittersum – (519) 523-4492 [email protected]
Chris Palmer – (519) 357-3385 [email protected]
Kevin Fascist  Falconer – (519) 955-0301 [email protected]
Ric McBurney – (519) 441-7415 [email protected]

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Hey, so after seeing all the patriots in your restaurant last week, I realized that I’ve been wrong in my assessment of you and your establishment. I have been rude to you and I misjudged you, and I’m so sorry. I respect the stand you’re taking and what’s being done to you isn’t right.


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