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Health Department Typo Shuts Down Restaurant/Church In Standoff Downtown Wingham

In what appears to be several acts of “bad faith”, a typo, or gross incompetence, Huron Perth Public Health segregation enforcement officer Patrick Landry was caught on video contradicting the text in the “order” he tossed at the restaurant owners days before without explanation. The order demands people have a vax-pass to enter the building, and that it must be confirmed at the point of entry. Please watch the videos to see for yourself. It is this demand from HPPH that forced the owners to lock the doors before tainting the property with the stain of segregation. 

This restaurant is also the home of, whose holy text is our Charter of Rights. One of the restaurant owners is ordained, and is the head of this new church. You almost always get a lecture on Rights, municipal corruption, and your obligation to participate in our democracy. 

Several hundred thousand people have watched the videos of the restaurant owner defending his property from segregation enforcers in Wingham Ontario, Canada. Literally backed by dozens of Patriots from across Ontario and Quebec that answered a call for them to honor their oaths and Stand on Guard for Thee (Constitution/Charter Rights), in a tiny town some say is in the middle of nowhere.

Countless thousands of comments and messages of support have poured in from across the globe as the video documentary continues to go viral. Below is one comment that sums up many of the comments.

I just have to say that, I had tears in my eyes. The entire time I watched this, I had goosebumps not just my arms but over my entire body. It was incredible. Powerful. But also extremely hard to watch being so empathic and emotional…” 

You have to go to Buck & Jo’s on FB to see all the videos and comments. Below are the first 4 interactions with HPPH on YouTube.

Video now available on YouTube.

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