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Council & Staff Caught Stealing Again – Free Snow Removal For Anyone In Wingham #WokeYet

Expecting company this holiday season? Don’t waste your valuable time shoveling the end of your laneway, town sidewalk & road when we have already paid for the equipment (as taxpayers) to do it. Staff and the equipment you paid for can clear the snow in seconds, rather than the 30-45 mins required to do it by hand.

This “free” premium service has only been available for town staff and council, I think we all remember the video. You can see from the new photo’s they have upped their game/theft. You can also see the disparity of service between the town staffer’s side of the road and the “regular” taxpayers on the other side. This is what we get for the highest tax rate in Ontario.

As you can see in the photo above, the town staffer expecting company today has had town staff & equipment clear the road so his company can park and not climb over snowbanks. Josephine St. businesses can’t even get this kind of service, and they pay an even higher tax rate!

Why shovel when you can steal resources from the taxpayers and get paid to clear your own snow. To top it off the snow was dumped on school property. Think of that when you have to spend 15 minutes shoveling the end of your laneway just to get your car out, while you pay staff to clear their own snow with equipment you paid for and can’t use.

Please contact the council and demand absolute equality and your snow done too, and also demand the return of the trailer park they stole from the people.

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Why haven’t they arrested Baily & Seip yet? I saw that meeting and I can’t believe the level of corruption in Wingham. SHAME! They even assaulted someone without consequence. Just a bunch of thieving bullies and pedos running Wingham. All I want for Christmas is justice and my community & stolen lands back.


Once a thief, always a thief. Now you know why they call him and his family “Stunner”! Getting paid overtime to clear his own snow, what a crook and burn in hell you parasite. Typical catholic behavior. Hide your kids from him just to be safe, is he even allowed to live that close to a school?


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