Public Irate Over Vincent’s Handling Of Firefighter Debacle – Disgraced Reeve To Address Public At 18Dec2017 Council Meeting

Current North Huron Reeve neil vincent has clearly shown how little regard he has for the Dignity of others and the lives of our Community’s children. The recent debacle with our Firefighters where vincent tackled the issue with no urgency, stalling for days because he didn’t want his weekend ruined cleary shows how little he cares. Everyone in North Huron faced longer response times putting lives and property at risk due to vincent’s apathy for human life and apparent hatred of children, likely because they can’t vote and are apparently worthless in his eyes.

Numerous members of the Public and Press have expressed concerns of the the legitimacy of keeping the Public out of the 11Dec2017 meeting in Blyth. File a complaint with the Ombudsman if you think the meeting should have been open to the Public and Press and want the Ombudsman review the video.

Consensus seems to be that vincent is useless in a crisis and could not fight is way out of a wet paper bag, or save a drowning puppy from a puddle.

Vincent’s response to our Children getting struck in the streets on the way to school due to blocked sidewalks is to raise our insurance coverage, which now costs up $181,376/year. Why clear, salt and sand our sidewalks when you can just increase our insurance coverage, and turn slow students into speed bumps. The alternative is for vincent to re-insert his spine and stand up for what is Right and demand all roads and sidewalks cleared, but that would also require his testicles to be reattached.

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