Northumberland Weekly News Brief

(NORTHUMBERLAND, ON) –Northumberland Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) dealt with a variety of calls this past week, here are some examples:

July 13:

– A Dale Rd Hamilton Twp resident called police at 7:35am to report seeing two suspicious persons and a car driving slowly down her road at 2:00am this morning. Unfortunately officers could not conduct a meaningful follow up due to the time delay. OPP would like to remind the public to report activities such as this preferably as it is happening to allow officers to attend and investigate.

– A Trent Hills municipal worker reported a broken window to an excavator left at the side of the road over the weekend on Woodview Rd & Concession Rd 11 East. The suspects entered and removed a stereo face plate. Damages estimated to be $1,000

– Traffic complaint in the eastbound lanes of Hwy 401 Grafton area 7:33pm. A black Toyota Yaris weaving in and out of traffic travelling 140-150 km/h. Officers located the vehicle travelling at 150 km/h in the Brighton area. The 62 yr old female driver from St. Catherines was charged accordingly with an impending court date

– Police received a call about a baseball coach of a visiting team at King Edward Park in Brighton yelling and screaming at his players. The team had left prior to police arrival

– Police attended a Hamilton Twp home where an adult daughter was throwing things around the house and causing damage at 11:36pm. Officers apprehended the woman for her own safety and that of others. She was taken to a hospital for treatment with her mental health issues

July 14:

– Two criminal investigations initiated at the Warkworth Institution. One relating to drugs found and the other an assault complaint.

– Male with a thick accent called a Seymour Twp resident identifying himself as a representative from ‘Revenue Canada’ stating an arrest was eminent unless back taxes were paid. Resident hung up on fraudster then contacted police. No money or personal information given

– Neighbour complaint in Percy Twp regarding a loose horse eating crops. Officers spoke to the owner who had corralled the horse and returned it to a proper enclosure

– Advise was provided to a mother at the Brighton detachment over a child custody issue

July 15:

– Report of a large tree lying across Community Centre Rd in Alnwick-Haldimand Twp at 12:26am. A nearby resident and police removed it prior to the Twp attending

– A domestic dispute in Campbellford at 2:17am resulted in the arrest of a man who was charged with domestic assault. He was held by police until sober and released with a court date.

– Resident on Lakeshore Dr in Harwood reported his 15ft Venture Cat Catamaran boat came loose from its mooring and has drifted away on Rice Lake.

– Report of a cow on County Rd 30 in Seymour Twp. A citizen assisted an officer herding it back into its field

– A Brighton man reported unwanted texts from an ex-girlfriend. Officers cautioned all involved persons. No criminal charges resulted

– Driving complaint involving a grey Honda on County Rd 28 Port Hope southbound at 10:37pm. Inconsistent speeds, crossing centre line and unable to stay in its lane. Officers located the vehicle near Hwy 401. Car struck the rear end of an OPP cruiser when being stopped. Minor damages to cruiser, no injuries to anyone. The driver, a 17 yr old Cobourg youth, was charged with Careless Driving. Fatigue was a contributing factor to his poor driving and the collision.

July 16:

– Large bush party reportedly causing a disturbance on Pogue Rd Cramahe Twp at 12:02am. Police shut down the party of 70-80 youths. Taxis and police assisted the youths in getting home. Officers continued to deal with other youths in the area over the next 1 1/2 hours.

– A Seymour Twp senior dialed 911at 11:54am to inquire about a parking ticket she received in Toronto recently. The female, who had been drinking, was cautioned for misuse of the 911 system and provided the correct phone number

– A cottage owner on Little Lake in Cramahe Twp complained of several unsafe boating practices over the past weekend. The Northumberland OPP marine unit was advised for further follow up.

– Report of a Brighton senior who suffers from dementia chasing family members around the house. Officers contacted EMS who transported the woman to a nearby hospital for assessment. Alzheimer Society was contacted to provide assistance to the family

– Police responded to a Bewdley business where the owner had demanded two males cease their boat rental and leave the property due to dangerous operation of his vessel. One male assaulted the owner and an employee before leaving the scene in a pick truck. Cobourg Police Service located the vehicle in Cobourg which was being driven dangerously in an attempt to elude witnesses who had followed it. The males were arrested and turned over to Northumberland OPP. Charged with Assault, Assault cause bodily harm and failing to comply with a probation order is Dylan KNAPMAN age 21 of Cobourg. Charged with Dangerous Operation of a motor vehicle is Trevor MCVETY age 41 of Cobourg. Both men were released and are scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Cobourg on August 26, 2015.

Northumberland OPP also conducted seven RIDE programs, investigated 16 motor vehicle collisions and 39 traffic related complaints.

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