Morris-Turnberry Latest To Defect/Distance From Neil Vincent’s Regime As North Huron’s Political Crisis Accelerates – Merger Called Off!

Recently North Huron has been hit with some high profile resignations, including the Fire Chief. These recent resignations are from those believed not to be in the “Old Boys Club” aka Neil Vincent’s Regime.

In the 7 years of watching council meetings, the Fire Chief is the only senior NH staff member to stand up to council. This is regarding North Huron’s Hometown Security Act (10-2016). Click here if you are unfamiliar with our Hometown Security Act. It truly is a shame that a person that has demonstrated such a high level of Integrity will be leaving North Huron, but it seems Integrity and Neil Vincent’s Regime are incompatible.

Many view these high profile resignations as “Defections” to the side of the People. Those of high moral standing are always the first to defect when a corrupt regime falls, as they wish to distance themselves and inspire others to take a stand against the regime, despite the obvious loss of livelihood to themselves.

It has been announced that the merger between Morris-Turnberry and North Huron is over as of 17Feb2017. It should be noted that councillors got paid to attend countless secret/closed meetings and will get to keep all that “bonus cash”.

Current North Huron Reeve Neil Vincent admits this colossal waste of time and YOUR money was an attempt to try and figure out how to run North Huron as a “business” and would like to share that learning with others.

Current North Huron Reeve Neil Vincent: “When we first considered the Shared Services project in late 2015, we knew that we wanted to establish a better business model for North Huron as an organization. While we didn’t achieve the efficiencies we had hoped for, we have made great progress toward developing that business model. We learned a great deal about shared services through the process, and we would like to share that learning with other municipalities who may be considering a similar venture. I would like to thank my colleague Mayor Paul Gowing for his vision and leadership in recognizing that working together is necessary for the future of our two municipalities. Mostly, I want to thank all of the staff for the work that they put into this project over the past year.”

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