Crime And Failure Pay In North Huron – Sunshine List Out – CHAMBERS, ADAMS, FOXTON, POOLE, SMITH, MACADAM, KIRKBY

The new Sunshine list is out and 7 from North Huron are on it. Newly added this year is Kathy Adams, you might remember her from the August Atrocities when she allegedly lied to the police to facilitate the arrests of members of the Public gallery without cause. It seems that crime does pay.

Despite a costly series of errors and crumbling infrastructure, another addition to the list this year is Sharon Chambers, North Huron’s CAO at a whopping $121,769/year.

Clearly North Huron is in worse shape than before Sharon Chambers started suckling at the taxpayer teat. It is not known why she got such a massive raise as she has helped destroy North Huron. Virtually all Public input has been eliminated, failed takeover of Morris-Turnberry, our infrastructure is in even worse shape, etc. etc.

Sunshine List:

Sharon Chambers: $121,769.80

Katherine Adams: $101,617.42

Murray Foxton: $124,406.57

Timothy Poole: $115,786.20

Wade Smith: $108,192.96

Kevin Macadam: $105,924.29

Mark Kirkby: $102,321.34

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