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Nazi Salute After Desecrating Canadian Flag And Driving On Sidewalk Downtown Wingham – Julie & Jason Dickert Added To Hall Of Shame #HateCrime #PedestrainSafety #RespectOurVeterans

By now you, and most of Ontario, know about Wingham’s Homophobic Lady (AKA Homo-lady). A moniker she proudly uses as she feels no shame for her seething hate and bigotry. 

Julie & Jason Dickert [email protected] have repeatedly claimed to be the Homophobic couple and the “True Canadians” proudly responsible standing up for Straight White Rights.

After desecrating a Canadian Flag the Dickerts once again violated Ontario’s stay-at-home order by driving on our sidewalks to pose for a Nazi salute under their desecrated flag. Apparently they believe this hate crime is “essential work” and exempt from Ontario’s stay at home order.

Reason for induction to Hall Of Shame:
Trespass – Refuse to leave when directed X3
Violating Ontario’s stay at home order X3+
Obstructing traffic and endangering the Public by abandoning their vehicle on John St while planting desecrated flag.
Driving on the sidewalk in downtown Wingham.
Desecrating Canadian Flag to the point it must be destroyed with dignity.
Posing for Nazi Salute across from the Cenotaph under their desecrated flag.
They claim these acts they have done are that of “True Canadians”.

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Canadian Flag To Be Burned In Wingham Following Desecration – Homo-lady Destroys Canadian Flag(s) Beside Cenotaph Protesting Equality

A tattered spider infested Canadian Flag was further desecrated by apparently being used as a napkin and with stains that indicate the flag has been dragged, or on the ground. The desecrated flag and a disgraceful shoddy pole were then planted in a flag mount without consent at a restaurant in the heart of Wingham. It wasn’t even at half mast like every other Canadian Flag today (except North Huron of course).

 It seems clear this horrific anti-patriotic act of flag desecration was done in an attempt to frame and/or humiliate a local restaurant for flying a Rainbow Flag when North Huron council refused to. What makes this act even more heinous is it was done facing Wingham’s Cenotaph as some kind of sick and twisted political/anti-veteran message.

The soiling, stains, holes, tatters, improper storage and spider infestation means the flag must be destroyed in a dignified manner. A Department of National Defence manual recommends setting fire to the flag for disposal, according to The Globe And Mail. It is not know how many other flags have been desecrated by these anti-Canadians.

The flag will be burned on Canada Day in Wingham in a dignified ceremony.

As for who is responsible for the egregious act, view the pictures below. May they be treated the same way they treat the Canadian Flag and other people’s Rights.

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Should North Huron Pass Decency By-law To Protect The Canadian Flag? Have Your Say Now Before It’s Too Late

Recently there has been a slight controversy over a Gay Stanley hanging around downtown Wingham and North Huron’s cowardice to address the issue.

Should the “Gay Stanley” Flag (rainbow bars & maple leaf in center) be banned in North Huron?

Should “Gay” flags be allowed on the same pole as the Stanley/Canadian Flag in North Huron?

Contact North Huron council ASAP to have your say.


They Died For The Flag, Show Some Respect & Why The Gays Can’t Use The Maple Leaf #PretenseOfPatriotism

To hide their hate a few homophobes have resorted to claiming that thousand have died for our Flag, and that it is disrespectful to have “the Gay Flag” on the same pole as the Canadian Flag. This is North Huron’s official stance and that of few of their drooling feral followers. 

These troglodytes also firmly believe the “Gays” should not be allowed to use a maple leaf as it is offensive and somehow means they hate veterans. If the public education system failed you miserably or if you have a severe learning disability, you may agree with them.

Did anyone die for our Flag?
No, no they didn’t. 
Hitler did not travel forward in time to the 1960’s to steal our “Stanley” Flag and then back to 1939. 
Hitler didn’t steal our Flag, and if he did, we had more.
Canada did not send soldiers to get the Flag back, that is not what the war was about.
People don’t die for flags.

I am 100% confident that those liberated during the war never once believed that the war was fought over the Canadian Flag. 

If these rednecks truly are offended by the Canadian Flag’s reputation being abused, they must be outraged about the rampant sexual abuse in the Canadian military who wear the Canadian Flag emblem daily. They would be horrified if they did an internet search for Canadian Peacekeepers and sexual misconduct. 

It used to be a free country and should be once again.

Anyone can use the Maple Leaf. Get over it!

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Rainbow Flags Now To Be Flown All Summer After Hate Incidents In Heart Of Wingham – Can You Identify This Homophobe? #YouCantPrayTheGayAway

Within hours of rainbow flags going up at a restaurant in the heart of Wingham, there was a demand for them to be taken down by a hate filled religious extremist claiming to represent the entire Community. Hours later the restaurant was egged. 

According to the Homophobe Lady (AKA Homo-lady) the flags should NOT be seen by anyone. She felt so strongly that she violated the current stay at home order to vomit forth her hate and demands that the business she has never once used, do as she says. Homo-lady claimed her Rights were violated by the flags being flown in such a prominent location in Wingham. 

Homo-lady repeatedly refused leave when asked and stated she would pray for staff and customers. As you can see in the snapshot from the security system that she appears to be “praying the gay away” from customers.

In response to these outrageous redneck acts, Buck & Jo’s will now extend the flying of the Rainbow flags beyond June. One more month for the egging, and one month for Homo-lady propagating hate. Expect to see the flags when you drive through Wingham (7am -2pm) until the end of August, longer if there are more incidents.

 If you don’t like it, thank Homo-lady.

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Homophobic North Huron Council Called Out For Bigotry – Rainbow Flag To Be Flown In Heart Of Wingham #WinghamWakening

Recently North Huron council’s bigotry and homophobia went viral when they refused to allow a Rainbow Flag to be flown on any town property.  Council falsely claimed “no flags or banners other than the federal, provincial, and municipal flags will be flown on township property.”

In the past Council has had no problem with other banners and flags on every light standard on Josephine Street, which is a clear violation of the alleged “policy” they used to deny the Rainbow Flag request. There is zero doubt that North Huron council puppeteered by bernie bailey is filled with unbridled hate and intolerance toward all.

In response to this Buck & Jo’s will be displaying the rainbow flag during business hours in the heart of Wingham. It will be hard to drive through Wingham and miss it. A conversation starter and a constant reminder of council’s homophobia and hatred. It’s no wonder they rejected a symbol of tolerance and acceptance.

There is nothing wrong with North Huron council that changing it completely wouldn’t fix. The next municipal election is 24Oct2022