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Stalker OPP At Large – Victim Pulled Over Hours After Video Exposing Police Corruption Goes Viral #FilmThePolice #FTP

Hours after the story of a victim of OPP abuse went viral online, an OPP cruiser was caught on video driving past the victim’s home by circling the block countlessly. This stalking behavior is typical of obsessed psychopaths that are aroused by the fear in the eyes of their victims. 

Minutes after our hero leaves in his vehicle he is pulled over by an OPP officer without a face mask. Our hero made sure his doors were locked and rolled his window down 2 inches, enough to communicate with the officer and pass through a driver’s licence and proof of insurance. This seemed to upset the naked faced officer as he repeatedly requested the victim to roll down his window. 

Naked faced officer: “Can you roll your window down please”
Victim: “It’s good there, I can hear you”.
Naked faced officer: “Can you roll your window down please”
Victim: “I can hear you”

The officer which seemed to be suffering from short term memory loss had to ask our victim why he pulled him over. This might have been due to brain-fog from covid as the officer was clearly an anti-masker showing no respect for covid restrictions. Another well known cause of short term memory loss is cannabis consumption. The officer did ask if our hero had any cannabis in the vehicle.

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OPP Caught On Video Creating Lie To Justify Illegal Search In Court – Officer Repeatedly States He Didn’t Smell Cannabis Then Agrees To Lie

OPP Officer 2: Ok, let’s say “you smelled cannabis”
OPP Officer 1: Sure, yeah.
OPP Officer 2: Let’s say that.
OPP Officer 1: That’s fine.

That’s how easy it is for the OPP to fabricate a story and to destroy someone’s reputation, dignity and future. Their victims are normally out thousands of dollars in legal fees and have to take time off work to defend against this grotesque abuse by the police. It’s their word against yours in court, unless you video record it.

December 20th Kyle Pickering, a 27 year-old from Mitchell was followed by a marked OPP cruiser for 8kms from Mitchell to Dublin. Eventually the officer pulled over the vehicle under the pretense of suspicion of impaired driving. 

What followed was captured on video by the victim. The phone was seized and video evidence was deleted by OPP officers. The victim later recovered the video.

The officer claims his victim was pulled over under suspicion of impaired driving. The OPP officer did not notice any signs of impairment and no demand for a breath test was made.  At this point more OPP officers are on route to the scene and the victim is video recording.

The officer then claims to smell cannabis and opens the victim’s car door and demands to search the vehicle.

The victim truthfully states there is no marijuana in the vehicle. 

The officer attempts to forcibly remove the victim from his vehicle. 

The victim objected and demanded to speak to the officer’s supervisor.

Instead of waiting for the backup officers to confirm the odor of marijuana and legal grounds for a search, the officer assaulted the victim, seized his phone and searched his vehicle.

No drugs were found during the illegal search.

The officers are then caught on video discussing how they need to say they smelled cannabis to make the search appear legal in court.

Once the officers realize the victim’s phone is still recording, they delete the video.

The victim recovered the deleted video.

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ALERT: Do You Recognize These Criminal Suspects In The OPP Ranks? #DirtyOPP #StandYourGround

If you recognize the OPP officers depicted here please contact WFP immediately via FaceBook or [email protected]. These officers are facing allegations that include evidence tampering, illegal search and seizure, assault as well as human rights violations.

If you see these people approaching your vehicle lock your doors immediately, start video recording and call 911. Do not take this warning lightly. More details, video and transcripts coming. Stand your ground and know your Rights.

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ALERT: Rogue OPP In Area – Video Record ALL Interactions With Police #WinghamCopWatch #StandYourGround

Recently another police officer was caught on video violating Rights, abusing their power and destroying evidence. Everyone is strongly encouraged to video record all interactions with those claiming to be police.

A transcript of the the alleged abuses is currently underway. More details will be released in the coming days. Everyone is strongly encouraged to video record all interactions with those claiming to be police.

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Dead:56 ICU:1,235 Ventilator:337 & 3,328 New Covid Cases

New records were set in Ontario today. 56 more dead, 1,235 in ICU & 337 on ventilators. North Huron has one more case, South Huron 10 more and 5 more in North Perth.

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Doug Ford Sacrifices One Grandparent Per Hour To Avoid Immediate Shutdown & To Save Christmas @Fordnation #NutUpButtercup #Coward

Ontario reported 21 more deaths from Covid-19 yesterday, nearly one per hour. 20 more were put on ventilators and hospitalizations passed 1000.

Doug Ford claims the shutdown is necessary as “lives are on the line”. But don’t worry about it until after Christmas. 

Thanks to Doug Ford’s cowardice and refusal to order an immediate shutdown, one person per hour will continue to die of the Vid, likely a senior or grandparent. 

Why? Because some restaurants may have some produce that might go bad costing hundreds of dollars. Some may not do curbside pickup or takeout to clear out their inventory. I’m not sure how Doug Ford can speak so clearly when his mouth is so clearly full of bullshit.

It seems that Doug Ford is willing to sacrifice one senior per hour so he can dine out on Christmas. 

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Critical Shutdown Postponed As Ford Claims Restaurants Have Inventory To Get Rid Of – Dozens Expected To Die Due To Ford’s Cowardice

Doug Ford refused to order an immediate province wide shutdown despite the urgent plea from hospitals, in fact he postponed it until midnight on Boxing Day. When questioned why the shutdown isn’t immediate, Premier Ford claimed that there could be some restaurants that might have some inventory in the green and yellow zones, and they might need until Saturday morning to clear out that inventory. 

The lockdown will not happen for 5 more days risking countless thousands of lives. On the bright side, Ford can now claim he saved Christmas.

I hope Doug Ford will not be boasting about saving Christmas in front of those that will suffer the loss of a loved one due to Ford’s cowardice in calling an immediate shutdown.


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Ontario Covid-19 Spikes While Hospitals Plea For Shutdown – ICU:263 Ventilator:172 #OntarioStrong #DontGiveUp

More records were broken today as 2,432 more cases were reported in the last 24 hours for Ontario. There are now 263 people in ICU, 172 on ventilators.

Hospitals and front line workers are begging for a shutdown across Ontario. Please do your part to protect our vulnerable Citizens and
front line workers by following health department recommendations by wearing a mask properly and staying physically distant from those not in you immediate household. Too many sacrifices have already been made to give up now. There has already been too much financial devastation and loss of life. Wear a mask.