Questions Completely Banned As Shit Hits The Fan – Blyth Warns New Wingham Councilors About Questions

At last night’s council meeting Wingham Ward councillors were sternly warned about asking questions by Kevin “Fascist” Falconer, Blyth ward’s so-called Representative. 

This is after a Wingham ward councilor wanted more information and was ignored by town staff, specifically by CAO Dwayne Evans. This echoed comments earlier in the meeting when a taxpayer confronted council about the CAO’s extreme lack of professionalism, and Dwayne’s refusal to answer or even acknowledge questions. 

Current North Huron Reeve Paul Heffer confirmed on video that he will not answer any questions, or allow councillors to do so. There will be no questions, no answers, no criticism, no scrutiny and no debate. This is taxation without Representation, traditionally a precursor to civil war.

If you can’t question those who profess to have authority over you, you are not free or living in a democracy.

Please take the time to watch the meeting below to confirm the above.