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North Huron In Crosshairs For Similar Corruption After Ford Backs Down On Greenbelt

Select developers getting special treatment, backroom deals, public left out of the process, green space lost, part of Community Trail lost, pecuniary conflicts, taxpayers defrauded, and dirty lawyers signing off on deals for pennies on the dollar. Before doug ford’s Greenbelt debacle all of the above already happened in the corporation of North Huron, which services Wingham, Blyth and East-Wawanosh.

Just one backroom deal cost taxpayers an estimated $20,000,000. North Huron sold off 1,000+ potential building lots (77 Acres) for $200,000 at the height of the real estate boom. NH refuses to release the property appraisal the taxpayers paid for before they “sold” off the acreage. This appraisal would prove they knowingly sold off millions in real estate for pennies on the dollar. Asking for this information at a council meeting leads to them cutting off the microphone, and their refusal to answer claiming it’s top secret information. 

All backroom real estate deals done by the corporation of North Huron’s council need to be investigated by North Huron’s integrity commissioner, which is hired by North Huron. 

If you believe North Huron’s backroom real estate deals need to be examined, please contact NH’s Integrity Commissioner with the info below. We do not expect them to investigate or hold their employer (NH) to account, but we need them to go on the record with their findings.

Don’t be a bystander and assume someone else will speak up. The more complaints the better, they may get forced to do their job if enough people stand up and speak up.

Demand council and the “lawyers” signing off on these deals are investigated and held to account.

Integrity Commissioner Contact Information:
John Mascarin, Aird Berlis LLPP:
416-865-7721  |  E: [email protected]

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