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HPPH Admits Wrongdoing In Court Over Vax-Pass Debacle In Wingham – Patrick Landry Added To Hall Of Shame

Tensions frequently hit the boiling point during the trial of Buck & Jo’s vs Segregation Enforcement (HPPH) 12Jan2023 in Goderich. Buck literally had the HPPH segregationists shaking and trembling on the witness stand to the point the judge had to calm them. According to all video evidence the restaurant actually fully complied with the order from HPPH. A date for verdict will be set 31Jan.

Huron Perth Public Health segregation enforcement officer Patrick Landry admitted in court of his gross error in the order they served on Buck & Jo’s 05Nov2021. The order stated that the business screen customers at the point of entry. This meant the business would have to hire someone to stand on their street corner demanding customers to “show me your papers”. 

Landry stated that even though it specifically stated “point of entry” in the order he dropped off, that is not what he meant. Patrick Landry’s fury was clear as he was forced to read aloud his mistake in the courtroom. This gross negligence and lying to his superiors stating he closed Buck & Jo’s dining room are directly responsible for destroying the business and its’ reputation. The dining room was not open for them to close, it had been closed for a week before the incident, and for several months afterward.

Patrick Landry later stated that “the word of a restaurateur means nothing to me” as he appeared to be fighting back tears.

All citizens and business owners are strongly advised to video record ALL interactions with Patrick Landry and anyone claiming to be from Huron Perth Public Health.

Patrick Landry has been officially added to the Hall Of Shame.

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