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Blyth & E-W Force Wingham To Remove Dam, Jump Taxes 20% & Close Facilities #Bankrupt

A long lasting feud between the three wards of North Huron (Blyth, East-Wawanosh & Wingham) has recently cost Winghamites their airport, trailer park, and now the Howson Dam. 

Despite Wingham residents and the Wingham Ward Councillors wanting to keep the Dam, Blyth and E-W say no and we can’t. They also are forcing us to “spend” a $1,000,000 removing it, and to jump taxes 20% to help cover the cost.

Most facilities will likely be closed as proposed in the budget, and virtually all services to be outsourced to fund senior staff’s massive compensation package. The pool is scheduled to be closed during July and August, as no one can afford to use the pool anymore after paying Ontario’s highest tax rate.

Winghamites and their Representatives on North Huron council are absolutely powerless to defend what is left of Wingham.

The next council meeting is Monday 16Jan2023, 6pm @ Wingham Town Hall.

North Huron Council Contact Info:
Paul Heffer

280 Manor Road
(519) 357-3594
[email protected] 
Mitch Wright
63 Bristol Terrace
(519) 357-9497
[email protected] 
Lonnie Whitfield
94 John St. West
(226) 222-2585 
[email protected] 
Anita van Hittersum
84012 Hoover Line
(519) 523-4492 
[email protected]
Chris Palmer
39331 Belfast Road
(519) 357-3385 
[email protected] 
Kevin Fascist  Falconer
303 King Street
(519) 955-0301 
[email protected]
Ric McBurney
202 Thuell St, Blyth
(519) 441-7415 
[email protected]