Will Piss-Puddle-Poole Purple Cuff Taxpayers At The 08Aug2017 Council Meeting – Will PPP Honor His Oath Or Blindly Follow Vincent

Current Wingham police chief tim poole is not expected at the 08Aug217 council meeting. Last August he gleefully threw “kevin the cop” under the bus as poole cowardly stayed comfortably under his rock while hall of shamer kevin stymied all requests to speak with “cheif” tim poole to de-escalate the situation. Apparently poole was too busy and preferred a year of escalating rhetoric and a MAG investigation instead of putting down his donuts and coming out form under his protective rock.

Rumor/belief is police chief tim poole would literally lose bladder control and be standing in a puddle if had to stand up to reeve neil vincent and honor his police oath over his own self interest and sunshine list paycheck.

Piss-puddle-poole (PPP) is expected to cowardly throw another timbit under the bus in the event neil vincent attempts to summon his 7 man army to unconstitutionally cuff drag off anyone that brings a camera or has the gonads to ask a question at the council meeting.

Degenerate abusive police prone to spousal abuse love to “purple-cuff” their victims. They know if they “accidentally” over tighten the handcuffs and turn their victims hand(s) purple, the victim will have months of discomfort that will be near impossible to prove. Simple and pure police abuse to which they are never held to account.

Next council meeting is 7:00pm Tuesday 08Aug2017 at Wingham town hall. Arrive Early and with a camera.

North Huron Council Contact Info:

Neil Vincent: 519-357-2336

Bill Knott: 519-523-4534

James Campbell: 519-523-9264

Brock Vodden: 519-523-9393

Ray Hallahan: 519-523-4798

Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759

Yolanda Ritsema-Teeninga: 519-357-1905

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