Reeve Neil Vincent Winning Against President Donald Trump In War Against Media

The world is watching in bewilderment as President Donald Trump’s attack on the Media continues to escalate beyond reason, and nearing the level in North Huron. Among those recently excluded from a Press briefing were BBC, CNN and the New York Times.

As bad as things may seem in the US, they have yet to reach the level of oppression that Neil Vincent and his regime have accomplished in North Huron, which many call Canada’s North Korea, right down to vacant store windows filled to make them look thriving and arbitrary arrests.

Dictators do not want to be questioned by the Media, only praised. When the Media can’t be bought off they will be de-legitimized and silenced in order to maintain the unquestioned power and authority of the Dictator. Those that praise the dictator get advertising money, contracts and special access for their unquestioning loyalty.

Let’s compare Hall of Shamer Reeve Neil Vincent with President Donald Trump.

The first step was to attempt to de-legitimize Press organizations that ask questions the Regime doesn’t want to answer.

What Donald Trump has said/done:

Constantly calls the Media fake news”. Declared media “the enemy of the American people”. Excluded BBC

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