North Huron’s Apparent Entrapment/Extortion Attempt Fails In Court – Hall Of Shamer Neil Vincent Expected To Explain/Apologize/Resign 23Jan2017

Ever wonder what happens when you stand up to North Huron council? Other than having town staff and council lie to police to get innocent people arrested and humiliated, or calling the boss of a critic trying to get them fired, or sending in the bylaw officer to trespass on your property? Now you probably think Hall Of Shamer Neil Vincent and his regime couldn’t stoop any lower, you would be epically wrong.

One property Rights activist who is also an outspoken critic of North Huron council, has suffered years of nightmare attacks from Hall Of Shamer Neil Vincent’s regime. According to the victim North Huron council and senior staff have spent tens of thousands of North Huron taxpayer money trying to shut down the tropical fruit business believed to be associated with her. This is Hall Of Shamer Neil Vincent’s way of doing Economic Development”.

This entrepreneur was given permission by North Huron to construct hoop-houses. After the construction process was initiated North Huron withdrew its permission

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