North Huron Councillor trevor seip Snaps Under Pressure Of Dealing With The Public – Stop Expecting Answers Or Change!

North Huron councillor trevor seip was made it clear at the 01Feb2016 council meeting that he is fed up with the Public and wishes they would stop expecting answers or things to change.

North huron councillor trevor seip: “…there may not be any resolution, or any response to their request.”

North huron councillor trevor seip: “They can’t be coming expecting some, some change or some response, don’t, don’t come here expecting the world to be changed or a question to be answered! That response will be dictated by our time, not their time.”

trevor seip contact info:

Phone: 519-357-7759 (24/7)

Email: [email protected]

View the entire 2 hour meeting below:

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