Heroes Still Fighting For Howson Dam – CAO Decapitalized Over Shameful Handling Of Dam Debacle

Local Heroes are still fighting to get our infrastructure maintained, specifically Howson Dam. This Committee still thinks there is hope and North Huron senior management will finally start doing their jobs. Spoiler alert, it ain’t going to happen unless the Public starts speaking as loud as possible, and as frequently as possible. Remember, councilors are YOUR employees, they work for YOU. You literally pay them to Represent you. Remember that at the next council meeting when Neil Vincent won’t “allow” you freely ask questions of your representatives(councilors) during the Public Gallery portion of the meeting.

At the 04Jan2016 meeting it was obvious that senior management is NOT moving forward with maintaining the Howson Dam. Council will never directly say this, as it would be admitting their complete and utter failure as councilors/managers. Instead they will withdraw all support, construct obstacles, and offer the weakest of excuses not to proceed in the fervent hope the Public will give up, shut up and go away. A tactic that works surprisingly well, just ask the first Howson Dam committee.

The Howson Dam Committee is on the right track, as they are currently trying to get validation of the latest pseudo-obstacle offered by our current CAO sharon chambers. These local Heroes want proof that a “stability test” is required to proceed with this maintenance project.

Much like the disgraced North Huron CAOs that preceded her, sharon chambers has not been forthcoming with this evidence. No one currently believes such a test is required and the current CAO is grasping at straws to thwart the Public from volunteering and offering input. It is sad that councilors lack the intellectual capacity to realize they should feel great shame over this entire debacle. Like they say, they’re not smart enough to feel stupid”.

NOTE: Howson Dam Committee correspondence will be included in the agenda package for the next meeting

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