Hall Of Shamer Trevor Seip Caught On Video – Code Of Conduct Breach Allegations

At the OPP bashing meeting hosted by North Huron council and chief poole on 26Feb2018, Hall Of Shamer trevor seip stated the Wingham Police are demanding 2 officers on duty at all times for their own safety. This cost was not reflected Hall Of Shamer tim poole’s cost projections for the Wingham Police. This means his estimate could be up to $500,000/year short! That means switching to OPP could save over $7,000,000 in the first 10 years!

A member of the Public confronted the police board live on YouTube to file his Code Of Conduct complaint against Hall Of Shamer trevor seip. Click Here to skip to the Public & Press portion of the meeting.

Police service board member Yolanda Ritsema-Teening quickly tried to clear trevor seip of all wrongdoing. Please watch the video for yourself to see what happens.

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North Huron Council Contact Info:

North Huron Town Hall: 519-357-3550

Neil Vincent: 519-357-2336

[email protected]

Bill Knott: 519-523-4534

[email protected]

James Campbell: 519-523-9264

[email protected]

Brock Vodden: 519-523-9393

[email protected]

Ray Hallahan: 519-523-4798

[email protected]

Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759

[email protected]

Yolanda Ritsema-Teeninga: 519-357-1905

[email protected]

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