Department Head Stands Up To neil vincent – Future Reeve Bailey Speaks Up For All Area Students

In a recent conversation with Future Reeve Bernie Bailey he stated that clearing sidewalks in Community Safety Zones around our schools would be a positive change, and would help protect our Community’s children and all other pedestrians. This is a topic disgraced reeve neil vincent has refused to discuss, and has even tried to deflect responsibility to an upper tier government.

It is hoped that Future Reeve Bailey will be the first Reeve to uphold 224 of the Municipal Act by holding Department Heads to account. Bailey did try this in 2011 when he was on council. He attempted to hold the Rec Department to account. Bailey was shot down, and hall of shamer neil vincent and corrupt councillors passed a “Gag Order” on Mr. Bailey stripping him of his Rights, and crippling his ability to Represent the those he swore to serve and protect. Now Bailey will be in charge, and disgraced neil vincent and his cronies have been purged from Town Hall.

If you watched the last council meeting you would have seen that council was shocked, when confronted by a Department Head, that they were responsible for maintaining our infrastructure, specifically the Belgrave Community Centre. This is at the end of their council term, and they had no idea their job was to maintain our infrastructure. This is clearly evident if you know about Howson Dam, blocked Hanna Bridge pedestrian path during winter, blocked Community Trails and blocked sidewalks, etc. etc.

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