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Wingham Restaurant Defects To Alberta – Identifies As Albertan & Flying Alberta Flag #GodBlessDanielleSmith

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s comments and actions upholding rights and dignity for all has triggered an exodus from Ontario as Doug Ford further suspends Charter Rights. 

A Wingham couple is “identifying” as Albertan, flying Alberta’s flag at their restaurant (Buck & Jo’s), and declaring their property as an unofficial Alberta Embassy/territory. The restaurant already has a banner banning Doug Ford from their property that states “Everyone welcome, except segregationists, racists, pedophiles & Doug Ford”

“Doug Ford demanded everyone do what he says, from where you can stand, if you can go for a walk, if you are under house arrest, how many friends you can have over, what you can buy, etc. Then Doug Ford refuses to attend the War Act Inquiry, claiming an adult shouldn’t blindly do as his government tells them to do, is hypocrisy beyond belief. 

If someone now has a legal right to change genders by claiming they were born in the “wrong body”, I have a similar right to believe I was born on the wrong side of an imaginary line on a map. Doug Ford no longer affects my life, that downward spiral can be enjoyed by those that still identify as Ontarian. As an Albertan I enjoy waking up in the morning knowing my Rights won’t be trampled by an overreaching government that day.

Even Justin Trudeau has spoken out against Doug Ford suspending Charter Rights, and if anyone one knows about violating Rights, it’s JT!”