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Wingham Couple Facing Court Date Over Anti-Segregation Rant/Confrontation That Went Viral

A Wingham couple is now facing the threat of arrest unless they comply with a summons and appear before the Ontario Court Of Justice to defend their anti-segregation stance on the 18th of January. Buck & Jo’s has put forth a call to action on FaceBook.

“Patriots, we need your help now, and in the coming days/weeks. We need all of you to download Zoom and free up the morning/day of 18Jan. 

While everyone agrees we don’t stand a chance in court, including us, that is no reason to capitulate to tyranny and surrender our Canadian values.

Will you be telling future generations/grandchildren that you proudly fought segregation and did everything in your power to ensure every Canadian is treated equally, or lower your head silently in shame as you recall your former apathetic/cowardly inactions that destroyed so many businesses, communities and livelihoods?”

12Nov2021 segregation enforcement officers from HPPH were caught on video on the doorstep of Buck & Jo’s, and it went viral online with over 190,000 views on FaceBook. The couple has started a GoFundMe to help ensure that the restaurant in the heart of Wingham will still exist after the covid hysteria ends, and the government “allows” people to sit for coffee and meet with friends and family again.

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50:1 odds are you kidding me? I don’t care what they say, I’ve got $2,000 in Bitcoin riding on Buck winning on one of those “bet anything” websites. (google it and you’ll find it) I’ll get $100,000 if he wins. I love underdogs and this man is an absolute legend here in Texas. I’m going to watch the videos again, and probably increase my wager.
God bless Buck & Jo’s

PS. Some scammers are already selling the zoom link for $50 USD as a “pay-per-view event”. I hope he wins, but will be proud as hell either way.


I know I won’t win my bet, that’s not the point. Just because you can’t win doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enter the fight. Thousands enter the Boston Marathon knowing they will not get first place yet go through the torture anyway…same thing here with Buck & Jo’s. We all know they will lose but that’s not the point. Never surrender! May God bless Wingham and their warriors.


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