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Traitor Trevor Brags About Destroying Wingham At Council Meeting And Refuses To Represent His Constituents #WinghamWakening

Taxation without representation is typically a harbinger of civil war.

At the last North Huron council meeting, Wingham ward councillor trevor seip shamelessly confessed/confirmed that he refuses to represent his constituents in the Wingham ward, will vote in favor of things that will be a detriment to Wingham, and challenged the Public to vote him out if they don’t like it. This is what you get for paying the highest taxes in Ontario, a corrupt parasite that refuses to do his job.

North Huron is made up of three wards, Blyth, East-Wawanosh & Wingham. The other two wards have traditionally ganged up on Wingham by refusing to approve maintenance of the Howson Dam, selling the Wingham Trailer Park, filling in Wingham floodplain, destruction of the Wingham Armories & Police Station, selling of the Wingham airport and surrounding lands, upcoming selling/destruction of the Wingham museum building, etc. etc. Before Blyth & East-Wawanosh had no problem screwing over Wingham, and with traitor trevor seip on their side there will be nothing left by the time the next election rolls around.

You could contact North Huron councillor trevor seip, but he already declared he doesn’t give a shite about Wingham or about what you have to say because he ain’t gonna represent you anyway.

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