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North Huron Claims Emergency To Instantly “Sell” Wingham Trailer Park To Reeve’s Family For Undisclosed Amount Of Money #BoycottHodginsRona

The “former” Wingham Trailer Park land is valued between 1 and 5 million dollars. This land will be handed over to members of North Huron Reeve’s family (Hodgins) for an undisclosed amount of money at the 19July2021 meeting. This property was not put on the open market or listed on MLS, just another backroom deal at the expense of Wingham.

Council claims this needs to be done ASAP and they will need an exemption from their own procedural bylaw.

You may remember the council meeting where Reeve bernie bailey had to recuse himself when council voted on whether or not the Hodgin’s family should start to receive penalties for not paying taxes on a piece of property for a decade or more. For everyone else they sell your home if you are 2 years behind on your taxes.

From the agenda package:

AND FURTHER, THAT Council adopt By-law No. 60-2021, being a By-law authorizing the Reeve and Clerk to sign, on behalf of Council, an Agreement of Purchase and Sale between the Corporation of the Township of North Huron (Vendor) and J.E. Hodgins Lumber (Wingham) Limited and Precision Builders (Purchaser) for the former Wingham Trailer Park property;

AND FURTHER, THAT Council deems the adoption of By-law No. 60-2021 to be a time sensitive matter and grants an exception to Section 19.1 of the Procedure By-law allowing for By-law No. 60-2021 to be adopted at the July 19, 2021 regular Council meeting;

North Huron Contact Info:
Bernie Bailey – 595 Josephine St. Wingham (519) 357-4668 [email protected]
Trevor Seip – (519) 357-7759 [email protected]
Paul Heffer – (519) 357-3594 – [email protected]
Anita van Hittersum – (519) 523-4492 [email protected]
Chris Palmer – (519) 357-3385 [email protected]
Kevin Fascist  Falconer – (519) 955-0301 [email protected]
Ric McBurney – (519) 441-7415 [email protected]

One reply on “North Huron Claims Emergency To Instantly “Sell” Wingham Trailer Park To Reeve’s Family For Undisclosed Amount Of Money #BoycottHodginsRona”

Big Business and government both legalized crooks.
Not sure what the cost of living has gone up in the last 6 years. I have not seen a raise in my pension but they are going to use our pension money to help some other country.
truedough our prime minister the assistant pillsbury dough boy! whom you don’t even have to poke in the belly to get him to smerk. What a joke he can’t even answer a yes or no question nor can the person under him.
When is he going to help the homeless, the indigenous people, start taxing the rich, taxing the churches in Canada.
Who is paying for the digging up of all the bodies found ? I’ll bet the taxpayers.
It should be the Catholic Churches how can people preach the word of God and his love.
Then expect it is ok to break the 10 commandments. I guess the same as the government the rules we made don’t apply to them.


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