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Tempers Flare In Goderich Courtroom – $1,000,000 Fine Threat, Backroom Deal, Corruption & Bully Bonus Exposed

Tempers flared at the trial for the owners of a Wingham restaurant (Buck & Jo’s) after Gregory Stewart threatened the couple with 9 charges. Mr. Stewart then offered to make things go away for a $2,500 “fine” provided one of the couple pleads guilty to a charge. When asked what charge they would need to plead guilty too, the response from Gregory Stewart was ‘any one, you can choose, it doesn’t matter’. Apparently that is what is currently accepted as justice in Huron County.

Mr. Stewart was extremely confident that all 9 charges would stick, and implied the maximum fine would be sought for all 9 charges, likely in the $100,000 – $1,000,000 range. 

All the couple had to do was commit perjury by pleading guilty to something they didn’t do, don’t go to trial and don’t show the videos to the judge, and hand over at least $2,500.  

The couple resoundly turned down the offer, stating they would only accept dropping of all charges, a retraction of the erroneous press release from HPPH dated 12Nov2021, an apology and corrected press release. Mr. Stewart was very offended by the counter offer according to the couple.

Gregory Stewart refused to allow the trial to move forward 08Sept, stating he didn’t have the time to watch the 10 minutes of video. A very odd approach since he clearly would have the rest of the day free if he didn’t watch the videos, the judge was visibly frustrated with Mr. Stewart for wasting everyone’s time and taxpayer money.

Apparently there are numerous glaring inconsistencies and omissions between the written statements of HPPH segregation enforcement officers and the videos, something Gregory Stewart and HPPH are desperate to keep from a judge’s eyes.

The next court date is 04Oct2022 to set another trial date. They have to go back again just so they can tell them when to come back. Of course Gregory Stewart could have moved forward with the trial on 08Sept, but this way he gets to send at least 2 more bills to the taxpayer. Being a bully has never been more profitable. 

The more they stall, the more money they make, and the worse the financial devastation to the restaurant until they can officially clear their name in court.

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HOLY SHIT, you couldn’t cut the tension with a chainsaw in the courthouse. I feel so sorry for those going on the stand to be questioned by Buck, but I guess they deserve it. We don’t need to be praying for Buck & Jo we need to be praying for Mr. Stewart to a become a better man.

Good People need to stand up
They suspended me a year and half before retirement.
No pay not even my vacation pay,
I worked a year and a half through Covid then they came out with a policy to vaccinate, or your suspended.
I have a lawyer.

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