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Tempers Flare As Winghamites & Councilors Blindsided By Staff & Blyth  Tripling Fees At Complex – Families & Seniors Effectively Barred

Tempers flared at the last council meeting when Blyth Representative Kevin Fascist Falconer once again lost composure when confronted. This time Falconer did not turn violent, he just got verbally aggressive like a toddler, which is actually a step up from when he violently attacked a citizen at a council meeting when they were stealing the trailer park. 

A senior couple that wants to use the complex will no longer be able to, unless they come up with an extra $2,000/year to cover the increase from $888 to $2,700 +HST. 

Families will see a jump from $1,296 to $4,500/year.

NOTE: If your family had a $500,000 home in Wingham, wanted to use the complex, put out 2 bags of garbage, and used virtually no water, you would have to pay the Corporation of North Huron $15,796/year just to live here.

Taxes on $500,000 home: $10,026/year
Water & Sewer: $1,140/year
2 bag tags/week: $130/year
Rec Complex Fees: $4,500/year
$15,796/year – $1,316/month – $303/week

The next council meeting is 20Nov2023. All ratepayers/victims are being asked to attend by Wingham Councilors that are attempting to defend Wingham and the People they are paid to Represent.

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