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Sparks Of Hope Shoot Across Canada – Veterans & Staff Stand Strong For Your Rights as Revolution Gains Momentum #WinghamWakening #WinghamStrong

Sparks of hope have manifested all across Canada after town staff in Wingham, Ontario stood up to council and Doug Ford’s attempted suppression of Privacy and Rights. The majority of town staff are refusing to disclose their personal medical information. Town Staff are being heralded as heroes from coast-to-coast and into the USA.

Wingham town staff have been getting hundreds of messages of support online via various platforms after it came out they were standing up for their Rights and the Rights of those they serve. Comments from coast to coast include “Thank you”, “God Bless Wingham town staff”, “I’m  moving back to Wingham” and “THERE IS HOPE!”.

The first spark was ignited with a flag planted in a restaurant’s terrazzo dining room floor in Wingham, re-claiming that space in the name of the former Glorious & Free Canada. This triggered a tsunami of support from across Ontario that overwhelmed the small local diner. Several teary-eyed Veterans even stopped in to thank the owners for their service and standing up for everyone’s Rights, and state that they didn’t fight in the war for things to come to this. After the veterans’ visits there was absolutely zero chance the restaurant would ever back down. 

The reality is, it is those veterans that went to Buck & Jo’s with their support that are responsible for inspiring so many from coast-to-coast. “We are only willing to sacrifice our time, business and livelihood, these veterans put us all to shame with the sacrifices they were willing to pay, and so many did pay.”

Shame on all those that don’t stand with our local Veterans, Town Staff, Rights Activists, nursing and expecting Mothers, and those unable or unwilling to participate in Doug Ford’s “Denial of Service Demand”.

Fight or surrender, those are still your only two options.

North Huron Contact Info:
Bernie Bailey – 595 Josephine St. Wingham (519) 357-4668 [email protected]
Trevor Seip – (519) 357-7759 [email protected]
Paul Heffer – (519) 357-3594 – [email protected]
Anita van Hittersum – (519) 523-4492 [email protected]
Chris Palmer – (519) 357-3385 [email protected]
Kevin Fascist  Falconer – (519) 955-0301 [email protected]
Ric McBurney – (519) 441-7415 [email protected]

4 replies on “Sparks Of Hope Shoot Across Canada – Veterans & Staff Stand Strong For Your Rights as Revolution Gains Momentum #WinghamWakening #WinghamStrong”

GOOD ON YA! Thank you for standing up strong. I wish my wimpy municipality had such hutzpa!

If it’s science, you can question it. If you can’t question it, it’s propaganda!


I’ve been into Buck & Jo’s. I have no doubt the health unit enforcer would shit themselves outta fear if there boss made the go in there. It’s the only place I haven’t felt like a 2nd class citizen in 19 months. I didn’t want to leave 🙁 Just sitting there I felt empowered, maybe it’s just because everywhere else treats the non-sheeple like manure.
God Bless Buck & Jo’s. #WinghamStrong


This is fantastic that this establishment is standing against tyranny and not discriminating . I just came back from Kingston and another brave restaurant owner is open to everyone. It s called Jakk s sports bar . Great food , staff and owner. If your in the area . He appreciated the business .no v pass required.


Thank you so much, I love and appreciate all of you. I miss my old town so much but always knew it and the people that live there were and are special. You have inspired a nation!


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