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Vax-pass Defeated – Town Staff Standing Up To NH Council & Doug Ford – Complete Shutdown Threatened #StandYourGround #WinghamWakening

North Huron town staff are standing their ground to defend their Rights, and yours. This is only the second time WFP has witnessed such heroism at this scale in the area. The first time was a few years ago when North Huron volunteer firefighters all resigned to send the strongest possible message to North Huron council. Sometimes those of good conscience must take a stand no matter the cost.

The majority North Huron town staff are refusing to disclose their personal medical information and not recognizing Doug Ford’s “vax-pass” mandate. According to sources, Huron Perth Public Health is not only refusing to do enforcement at Buck & Jo’s, they are now also refusing to enforce the mandate on all North Huron property, including the rec center. If they did attempt enforcement, it would cause a massive shutdown of our Community & government.

Those that stood against segregation and for our Charter Rights should consider this a massive victory. Please share ASAP, as this will not be allowed in most FB groups.

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Each success is so important. Hopefully other communities will see what happened here and get the courage to do the same thing! And they will be successful too. We are seeing more policemen, more doctors, more firemen and health care workers who are just going to walk out of the government’s “slave trap” because that is exactly what it is. The movement for freedom is growing, because more people are recognizing that what is happening is Marxist/Communist tyranny!! How very sad to see our wonderful country of Canada descend into such rapid decline.

Thankyou for standing. I pray every body stands. We are standing with yous. We will not let this poison into our bodies. Know they want our CHILDREN GOD BLESS

Thank you people of Wingham for your encouraging stand. Hope fully this will help to wake South Africans up so we can stand together.

Thank you ! Sending light and love to all you brave souls. You all are a wonderful example for your community , this country and the world.

I told everybody in Canada to do this Two weeks ago. Stay home don’t go to work for three days and you will see how Jesus is going to blind the leadership of this Country for the good so they will be able to see more clearly when there eyes are opened back up✨✨✨

and who is going to pay you for the loss of earnings ? people have bills to pay and kids to feed!!

Research more to know what will happen to your family if the tyranny wins. You wont only lose your job but also your property and most especially your freedom.

We need to take a stand now or you won’t have bills to pay or kids to feed because the government will own everything including your precious kids. Think about it when has the government truly ever done anything for the good of the. People. It is all self serving if you don’t think so check out the net worth of Ford and Trudeau in 2019 compared to 2021 . Don’t you wish your bank account could grow like theirs has?

And this is why there is so much resistance . So many people scream and shout yet are not willing to give up a little as a means to gain a lot. When they finally take away everything you currently have, including your job; how will you deal with the raft of that decision.?

Excellent and way to go! Thanks for standing for freedom!
Your children are next folks so they can make their numbers! Please stand up now parents! Keep praying too!

This had to happen months ago! Tyranny and government bullying will see its end! Stand up Canada 🇨🇦

Excellent! Everyone should start resisting this lockdown, masking and vaccine insanity. They still have NOT PROVIDED EVIDENCE! FDA was just quoted saying they don’t know how safe the vaccine is for children so the only way to find out is to give it to them!!!!! They have finally admitted the truth that they are willing to hurt our children for the sake of power and money. Check out pharma profits!

I have been mask free for 10+ months. Just say NO. people stop asking me. The more you say no.. The easier it gets. Lead don’t follow.

I have been mask free for 10+ months. Just say NO. people stop asking me. The more you say no.. The easier it gets. Lead don’t follow.

Standing with you from the United States of America, Washington, DC. Stand your ground. Peace be with you on this day.

To be fair, we need to inform those who are giving these posts a thumbs down. As retired health professionals we’d be glad to inform the uniformed with the facts and science. Once you have revealed the truth to such individuals, then you must leave them in their own ignorance if they continue with their propaganda.

Thank you for standing strong sad to see how two weeks of flatten the curb turn in to tow years. God Bless this beautiful country of Canada 🇨🇦. Just say no to jaba jaba.

Thank you so much. More and more truth is coming out and so many veterans died and lived through fighting for our rights with guns and shed their blood. I am sure many are rolling over in their graves.

Thank you North Huron for leading the way. About time Canadians fought back and demand theses corrupt politicians uphold our constitution. Gods bless you all. Proud to stand with you.

Well done Wingham, so proud, grateful for you all standing up
Former member of nearby community.

Yes! Proud of all of you for doing the right thing! Thank you for being brave and standing by your beliefs and convictions. God bless you all!


I stand with you all ,this has been a real crap show,and ruined MANY LIFES .you should not have to get the dam vacine,and be told where you can and cant go…My grandaughter is visting mental heath at age 22 because she has a real phopia to needles ,,,,,,,,,awfull

Thank you from every inch of my unvaxed body the fear is going to finally be over. Let’s stand up Canada were Canadians!!

The only way Evil can take over is if good people do nothing , I trust this will light the way for more communities to take notice and follow suit , This is a war , a war without bullets , its a war for our minds , a true test of our resolve , God Bless You All

You rock Ontario! A strong voice is always needed to wake people up and you got that here. On behalf of us all thanks for this excellent super rally freedom and rights worth fighting for post!! I am so glad that genuine Canadians still exist.

Thanking you from New Brunswick. I just moved here from Paisley Ont I am so proud of Wingham !!! Wish I was still there you guys are perfect examples maybe the little places need to start this first. You are all so Brave !!

Thank you for standing up for Canadians. You are an example of a community who rallied together to stand up!! Let us hope other communities do the same.

So happy and proud of each and everyone of you. One step at a time will get us to victory!!!

Finally we are standing up’s not the first group to stand for our freedom it’s the next and the next ..only then will we have the momentum to over turn this tyranny..God Bless is all!!

This is where it has to start, at this level of government and work its way up. We have to accept it won’t happen from the top down.
True leadership is being demonstrated here for the individual freedom we all expect and desire from our elected officials.
Congratulations to Wingham and area residents!!


If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything !!!!! Well done. So proud of all of you for taking a stand against this outrageous discrimination and segregation I wish I lived in Wingham ❤️

STANDING WITH YOU ALL IN SOUTH HURON-EXETER-we see the hypocrisy here in town also- I have a Medical from my Dr and Guardian wont let me in MUST WEAR A MASK when i showed them the letter and had the Opp ban me when i showed them the letter-Goderich Hos asked me to leave when i showed them the letter and have had a Pharmacist say the Drs letters are invalid- Go figure – Ye life in EXETER is wonderful—

You have to serve these people letters of liability and then follow up. The law is on your side and you must call their bluff.

Bravo! I am proud of Wingham! Way to show the rest of the world that you have true integrity and the courage of your convictions.

I am so very proud of you Wingham! You are putting yourselves on the map and it will pay huge dividends!
I pray more small towns will follow your lead! Let the dominos begin to fall!
We may just have to move there!!! Seriously!

That’s awesome, worth the drive to Wingham and Buck and Jo’s.Okay all other communities time to take a stand.

We just might take that two and a half hour car ride for a bite to eat at Buck & Jo’s. Thanks.

The revolution has started.
Who would have imagined that Wingham would become the most important place in the entire country
Courage is contagious

It’s about time someone took a public stance on the tyranny and segregation that has beseeched our once great country and more importantly our small communities. Whats up Huron County? Are the rest of you ready to stand up and say enough is enough? It’s time to end this gross misuse of government powers and the crimes they’ve been allowed to commit once and for all! Hats off to you Wingham! I stand with you 💯 %

Citizens have these rights, especially section 32 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This section says that no government legislation can be used against a private citizen. Have you established your rights as a private citizen? If you do not have a Canadian passport signed without prejudice above or before your autograph, you are seen as a statutory citizen. If you are using a driver’s license or other provincially issued identification, then you are a permanent resident. The permanent resident does not enjoy these rights because it is a legal organization called a person. If nobody has told you this before, then its time to understand that is is the permanent resident that is the taxpayer, the inhabitant, the driver, etc. It is not the private citizen. The passport is the only government issued identification for a citizen. If you do not have this federal document, then you have no proper identification. Next time the guys with the guns say Papers please! what will you give them???
Without Prejudice, Sovereign Covenant by William Dixon

Thanks to all involved, this gives us hope, now we need to get other communities involved. Stand up for your freedoms. Well worth the drive to Wingham.See you soon Buck and Jo’s.

Power to the people and congratulations on your courageous stand for all of us. I can only hope this is the first in what becomes a domino effect.

I work in a store and yesterday I noticed while cashing out customers, that an awful lot of people were coughing and sneezing. Guess who is sick today?! Of course it’s me. I’m feeling terrible and I spent the majority of the day in bed today. It’s great that people are working hard for our freedom but there are still too many ignorant ones out there spreading their germs. I get to lose at least three shifts because of it. Just sayin’. 😖😖. If you’re not feeling good, stay home! There are still too many people ignoring this vital message.

In generations from now they will see what we did here and judge us accordingly.We have the power to stand up for what is right, what we know is right while we still can.

Another example of people who don’t grasp the basic science. Masks are mostly there to help prevent sick people from transmitting what they are infected with, along with other measures like social distancing, and staying home when sick.

The common COLD goes around EVERY year, EVEN BEFORE COVID, yet they’ve instilled fear into us to not know the difference

Yes but we are in flu season so don’t panic.. and honestly this isn’t about health .. I and thousands of others in healthcare have lost our jobs because we realized this isn’t about health .. it’s about freedom..

Hi Anon,
Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I would like to offer a flip side… Yes germs can be shared and people can get sick, however their body has to be weak some how for them to get sick. Rather than think someone with a cough or sneeze is making you sick, deep dive into your own life. Are you eating REAL food (not processed), drinking water, supplementing with vitamins and minerals, removing toxins and chemicals from your home. Just because someone is sneezing and coughing doesn’t always mean they are “sick”, I personally can sneeze and get very mucousy if I have cow dairy, if I wasn’t in tune with my body, I would assume (and those around me would also) that I am sick, even when I am not 🙂 Just trying to offer another perspective. Of course the stress of this past however long its been now also does not make this easy. Blessings to you!

Amp up YOUR immune system. ?Tell me then, do the masks work? Coughing and sneezing is called being human.

did you ever think you might just have a cold. It takes a week for you to get sick from someone else. Gesh What happened to the colds and yearly flu’s we used to get o i forgot someelse took its place

Thank you Wingham for standing up for our freedom and rights. I am so proud to be a part of this movement. Hopefully other community’s will follow. Buck and Jo’s better hire on more help they are going to be busy.

I’m so proud of North Huron, Wingham, and Huron Perth Public Health for holding the line, leading by example, and DOING THE RIGHT THING, the humane thing. I pray to god Owen Sound, and Grey Bruce follow suite. Let’s take our Country back one County at a time! Up Yours to all the corrupt, evil, and tyrannical Canadian politicians and their scumbag mainstream media spreading their dirty lies. You’ve got nothing on the strength and togetherness of small town Canada.

I don’t care if my email is published. Good on you all. It’s about time we stood our ground. My hat is off to all of you

BRAVO #Wingham! You are a great example for BRAVERY! Pat yourself in the back. Let JUSTICE roll down like water! My heart to you ALL! Y

Thank you Wingham.
To use an analogy,
A snowman is made starting off as simple snowball that grows in size with a vision of what can be accomplished when people see something other than what is right in front of their noses.
It has to start somewhere and history will be kind to the brave people of Wingham

I want to move to Wingham.. Need to live with brave and free people.. Not all these misguided dupes that live in the Markham area. The ones who are fully vaxxed (the sleevers) still wearing their masks (highly effective vaccine eh?). Still if you do get sick with covid and end up in the hospital, they will not treat you with the medical protocols used by enlightened doctors in other places in the world. Instead our sell out medicos have to let you die on a ventilator. You have to keep the death stats up. Need to continue panic-demic emergency order so Pfizer can enjoy the $millons Pee.M. Trudope just gave them so Pfizer can decide how many 3rd doses to scam the gullible into taking. May God bless the people of Wingham, and my they be a light for others to follow.

Thank you from BC for your bravery! You are leading by example and you are inspiring many many Canadians who need to see that we can stand up for our Charter Freedoms. You will go down in the history books for your bravery “The little town that could” Thank you thank you!!

Thank you for standing up for all our rights ! I am always so blown away by the sacrifices made by all those who stand against this oppression. It’s everyday people who are the true heroes of our world and future.

Good for you folks, more people should be aware of this and get their municipal governments to wake up!!!

Good Morning

We are so proud of your community for standing up for your rights and freedom. We wish more communities would come on board, because this is nothing but Marxist communist ideology. Trudeau and Ford are dictators and destroying our beautiful country Canada. People must wake up before it is too late.

I live in Wingham now. Just moved here from Bayfield for the winter and Buck and Jo’s is at the corner of my street. I cant believe how famous and brave the little restaurant at our corner is. This is WONDERFUL!!!!! I feel so proud to be here now and reading all these comments from people across Canada…WOW!!! God is still on the throne & Jesus is still LORD!!! God bless us all

Thank you, Wingham. 👍👍👍We need to keep this about the Vax Passport and real personal Choice. NOT whether you are vaxxed or not. This is about keeping our country free. This is Canada, the land of the free, not China, Afghanistan or one of the eastern block countries where the Dictator decides how you live your life. They are eroding 1000 years of gains and lives lost while fighting for our freedoms. Keep it up Wingham. So appreciate you.

WAY TO GO WINGHAM !!!! I will post this far and wide and PRAY that your bravery & patriotism in fighting these DEMONS, far exceeds the so-called “contagiousness” of the so called “CV19” 🙂

Feeling encouraged from Alberta!!! Let the small towns start the wins on this tyrannical fight. Wingham be the super spreaders of truth for freedom, liberty and security for all!! Go Wingham Go!!!

Wonderful! I often drive through on my way to the lake. Who would have thought a sleepy little town would lead a revolution? Nice to know that some people have their heads on straight! Thank you up there for all that you’re doing. Time for a proper visit on my part…

Prior to the vid the death rate stood at 💯, unfortunately we are all going to die at some point. However the powers that be have convinced a lot of people not to live first, merely existing seems to be the goal of many

Excellent…reminds me of a cartoon I saw where a young unmasked couple were looking at a group of masked people. The woman asked the man whether those people were afraid to die and he replied…”No,they are afraid to LIVE”.

Congratulations Wingham for leading the revolution against tyranny!
Well done. We need more grass roots Canadian communities to stand up as well.

I am uplifted to see that Canadians are not all asleep. I took Canada for granted but now I see her falling quickly. We need more people who have the guts to say enough is enough and be like Wingham.

I am not spring chicken at 89 years of age, but have never in my life seen anything like what is going on in the Canada I was once proud of. I came from Walkerton originally and all I can say is I am so proud of Wingham the home of CKNX. I too hope people know this is not all about Covid it is about control and Communism coming. So wake up everyone before it is too late.

I knew Canada was going wrong when we followed the US into their illegal wars and their ongoing support for regimes such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.
And now we are trying to turn this country into the propagandized state that the US has become.
I say that vax passports are illegal because there is no legal, moral, medical or scientific basis for it – ANYONE can get covid from a vaxxed individual as well as an unvaxxed one.
Get your vaccine, it’ll protect YOU but do not separate or distance yourself from those who don’t want it.. it is THEIR choice.
The US thru China gave us this disease.. we should be holding their feet to the fire about it – not pushing their mandates and their (ab)use of power politics

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