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Show Some F**king Respect – Flag Debate Spiraling Out Of Control Downtown Wingham #HalfStaffUntilTheyAreAllFound @CBC @CTV @CKNX @OPP

Police visited a restaurant in the heart of Wingham that has been flying a Canadian flag upside down and at half staff during business hours.

The OPP officer recently became aware of the 51 drinking water advisories on Reserves, some of which have existed for decades, a condition that would never exist or persist in our communities. Shockingly, the officer was in full support of the awareness campaign. 

On the other hand, at least once a day illiterate meth-heads have been stopping in the restaurant yelling. Today a hyper-twitching redneck came in screaming “show some fucking respect”, only to run out quivering after being yelled at by one of the owners. I suspect there was a urine trail to his home/rock. Other degenerates run at the sound of his approach as they are only brave enough to yell at the adorable little lady behind the counter. Cowards.

All of Canada needs to lower its head in shame via half staff flags until all victims of Canada’s genocide have been located. Canada is clearly in distress if it can’t get clean water to all Canadians, or find the bodies of raped and murdered children. Flags should be flown upside down as an internationally recognized sign of distress until the government is shamed into doing its job.

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