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Reeve Has Breakdown Over Trudeau Flags & Attacks Restaurant – VIDEO “Hillbilly liar with no moral compass”

07July current North Huron Reeve bernie bailey attempted to enter Buck & Jo’s to ask them to consider taking down their F Trudeau flag, but cowardice prevailed. Current Reeve bailey did not enter Buck & Jo’s after he apparently noticed signage stating “Everyone Welcome except racists, pedophiles, segregationists & Doug Ford”. He clearly isn’t Doug Ford so many presume he must be one or more of the other unwelcomed listed. 

After video recording flags and signage bailey quickly ran back to his vehicle and called the police. We can not confirm the rumors bailey was so terrified that he was doubly incontinent leaving a urine trail while running back to his vehicle, instead of having an adult conversation. He has confirmed he called the police and they stood down as they have real crimes to take care of. Apparently a full grown adult whining over the use of the F word and sitting in a puddle of his own making isn’t a top priority, who knew? Everyone, except bernie bailey.

Now you might be thinking, there is no way he could be more childlike or unprofessional. You would be wrong. Current Reeve bailey then took to name calling during a council meeting, calling the Owner(s) “Hillbilly liar with no moral compass”.

Mr. bailey is invited to Buck & Jo’s on Monday 25July2022 @ 4pm for a 30 minute discussion on free speech and property rights. If Reeve bernie bailey still believes it’s appropriate for him to ask for the F Trudeau flag to be taken down after the 30 minutes, it will be upon his request. We all know there is a zero chance bailey will ever summon the courage for a conversation on video, so the flags will more than likely stay indefinitely.

If you see the flags Tuesday when the restaurant is open, it is a very clear sign that North Huron Reeve strongly supports the F Trudeau flags and what they stand for or maybe he is just paralyzed by cowardice.

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