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North Huron Council Set To Remove All Public Input Regarding Budget

As North Huron’s crisis deepens, council is fighting back and will be removing the legal requirement to have a public meeting regarding the budget. This will help eliminate any questions council and staff are afraid to answer regarding waste and the extremely high tax rate.

Council claims residents can contact them directly, send a letter, or answer a survey instead of the awkwardness of confronting their victims at a public meeting and trying to explain the taxes, backroom real estate deals, etc.

From the 08Aug2023 Agenda Package:

THAT the Council of the Township of North Huron hereby receives the joint report of the Director of Legislative Services/Clerk and the Director of Finance/Treasurer, dated August 8, 2023 regarding an Amendment to the Procedure By-law to remove the Town Hall Public Meeting requirement, for information purposes;

Next council meeting is 6pm Tuesday 08Aug2023 at Wingham Town Hall

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