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McPerjury Collector Cards Released Ahead Of Epic Court Battle on April 15 #YouWereWarned

A police officer that lied in court now has a collectable card being distributed in Wingham. In 2016 McPerjury lied in court in an attempt to cover up the crimes of Wingham town staff and council. McPerjury’s credibility hit zero when video evidence was presented in court showing exactly what the pathetic excuse of a human did and didn’t do that evening in August. 

That incident was a politically motivated attempt to silence critics of Wingham Town Hall. The prosecution was outsourced to Donnelly Murphy, town hall’s lawyer. They literally didn’t take 30 seconds to watch the video from Town Hall which showed the officer was lying, and all council members signed coordinated false statements. Instead of doing their job for 30 seconds they put their targets through a year of hell, dragged it out and billed the taxpayers a fortune. 

The corrupt practice of outsourcing the prosecution to for-profit firms virtually guarantees every trivial incident is prosecuted and dragged out to maximize profit. Combine this with a system of unqualified corrupt “Justice of the Peace’s” signing summonses unquestioningly guarantees profit for the lawyers and oppression for the entire population.

If you don’t know the real name of McPerjury yet, ask around about a cop that lied on the stand, you will find out there’s more than one 🙁

April 15 “Frankie not-a-judge” cards are expected to be handed out at the Goderich courthouse.

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LMFAO. McPerjury, that is priceless. Looks good on you Kevin.
Slap your bitch up lately? F’n tough guy with a gun. I want one of those cards. that man-cunt has lied more that once on the stand. pig in a cop uniform behind bars, priceless.

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