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Lockdown Dumping Ground For Wingham’s Unwanted, Unprotected & Unloved #TheEvilOne #CannibalClub

The current principal of Wingham Sacred Heart school is facing allegations of cowering in fear by locking himself in his office and having zero regard for the safety of the students. Many believe it wasn’t fear that made him lock himself in his office, but double incontinence when confronted and the lack of a clean change of undergarments.

Mike Bruneel, the current Principal of Wingham Sacred Heart, has clearly opted to do the work of The Evil One by refusing to answer a few questions to clear his name and the school’s name. Below are the questions Mike Bruneel has yet to answer, and according to their own rule-book, this is doing the work of the Evil One.

Matthew 5:37 “All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”

  1. In the last year has any faculty member locked themselves in a room/office for their own safety? 
  2. Has the principal ever locked himself in a room to protect himself from a student, parent or guardian?
  3. Have any students or faculty been repeatedly assaulted by the same aggressor?
  4. Are the police called in when there is an assault case involving a repeat/habitual offender?
  5. Are assault victims asked/made to sit in front of the class?
  6. Are assault victims further isolated and humiliated by being asked/told to get ready for recess before/after their peers? 
  7. Does your school have a zero tolerance policy for those who assault others on school property?
  8. Are repeat offenders no longer being placed by the teacher’s desk?
  9. Have any parents been asked to limit and/or remove any comments from the internet regarding the alleged assaults at Wingham Sacred Heart School?
  10. Would a student be punished if  they used proportionate force to stop an assault?
  11. Are teachers allowed to break up physical altercations?

For 20+ years Wingham Sacred Heart school has turned into a dumping ground for children that act out, are always late, and have other issues. This was done because Sacred Heart has a reputation of simply not caring if your kid shows up on time, or is a bully, gets bullied, or even does their homework. “Dump’em there cause they just don’t care”. 

Unfortunately new families to town didn’t know this when they enrolled/sentenced their children to the school. But to be fair, the Catholic/Residential School system has a long history of physically and sexually abusing students, the Pope even apologizing for their genocide.

Normally if you pretend to drink blood and eat the flesh of a human, put boys in dresses, rape and murder Indigenous children you go to prison, or at least referred to as a cult. It’s no wonder the general population refers to the Catholics as the “Cannibal Club”. 🎶Cannibal club, cannibal club, gonna eat your flesh and chug your blood, cannibal club, cannibal club… 🎶 I know about 25% of you know the song, and are singing the Father Bad Touch verses now.

Wingham Public School is now seen as a viable option since there has been a change in Principals.

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